We Support Marriage Equality!

We made this video a few minutes after we got married! This is our second take, I sobbed through our first! We're VERY close to Marriage Equality passing in New York! It's not too late to email your senator through newyorkequality.com.

www.newyorkequality.com from Taylor Pineiro on Vimeo.

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Wedding Day - Part 3

Before I forget how that whole wedding thing went I need to make sure I blog about it!

When I left you last we were at the pier looking for Celia. Well, we found her! We got married quickly on the end of the pier and there is a cute little video HERE.

Here I am signing my life away:

Then it was off to the boat for the longer ceremony!

Something that needs to be noted about water taxis, they're BUMPY! Insanely bumpy! Hilariously bumpy!

The sound system was amazing and we were able to start our journey towards the Statue of Liberty with our very own picked that morning wedding song! Standing on the boat holding on for dear life and looking over at the Seaport on our way to get married was just about as surreal as it gets.

We labored over to the front of the boat (aft? port side?) as we got closer to the Statue and the captain did his best to keep the boat steady.

We had requested that the boat stop in front of the Statue for the ceremony. That's pretty much impossible. I don't know what part of us thought that a boat had the ability to stop in a harbor, but they very technically do not. JCPE and I grabbed onto the sides and Celia rooted herself onto a bench for the official ceremony.

It was beautiful. The weather was perfect, our story is so full of love and memories that both of us were overcome with emotion. Halfway through I had to remove JCPE's glasses because I couldn't see his face due to his transition lenses! Just another reason why I love him so much. His future's just so bright!

This is the part that I don't really feel the need to articulate. Our vows are on the site so you're welcome to find them and read through them. This moment was the moment that we wanted to keep to ourselves. We didn't want microphones or a crowd of people. Just the two of as alone as you can get when you get married, listening to the waves, listening to our story. Looking at each other in awe that we were able to get this far. How lucky are we? How amazing is it that we're able to be together forever at all? Very. Very is the answer to both of those questions.

After the ceremony we sailed (rode? went?) up the Hudson for a minute then back around and under the Brooklyn Bridge. The 5 of us killed two bottles of champagne and just marveled at the beautiful day. After we headed to a cafe for lunch and Carissa, bless he heart, headed to the airport. Dave headed home to download the pictures and JCPE and I went on a long walk together. We eventually made it home and immediately fell asleep.

In the evening we called our friends and sort of successfully launched this site. We had dinner at Vesta and we went to sleep eager to wake up and head on our honeymoon!

Thank you to everyone who took part in our special day! Celia Milton, Carissa and Dave, Maura and Patrick from NY Water Taxi along with their wonderful staff you were all so amazing and loving and we're grateful that you were with us!

Aaaaaaaand scene!

We're married.

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It's My Birthday!! This is what I want!

This is a very present-filled time of my life! All of the things from our registry are things that we've picked for our home together, a huge thank you to those who have purchased us gifts! You guys are the best.

Birthdays are a totally different story and since I'm turning the lamest age of all time, 29, there is absolutely no reason to get me a gift! Or even, a drink which is a totally acceptable adult birthday present.

This year I'd like to respectfully request a donation to StreetWise Partners! A $5 - $10 donation will help me reach my fundraising goal (I'm so super close, it's a lot more than this $500 last push, btw)! I've made the commitment to be on the Junior Board of StreetWise as well as an Officer in their continued "Phase 2" programming because I truly believe in the mission and the positive change that StreetWise brings.

The main program is a 14 week career ventures program for low-income individuals. As a volunteer you are set up with a trainee who you help through the curriculum. You meet weekly and go over skills such as cover letter writing, resume writing, interviewing etc. As well as more fun skills like mingling at a work social event and learning a 'elevator pitch.' This year they're installing a new program where there will be monthly check ins for 9 months after the program ends. As an officer in this program I will be facilitating these meet-ups between Trainees and Mentors and I'm really excited! These relationships are confidence boosting at the very least, and life long friendships (I still look over resumes and college essays for a trainee I had three years ago).

A few years ago I was really looking for something to do with my spare time that made a difference. I really find StreetWise to be just that!

You can visit my fundraising page HERE.

Thank you!
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How do you hang out? Music Video Edition

Lately I've been thinking (and my brother Kincade brought this up today on Facebook actually) about what my parents did for the five years they were married before they had kids. I know that people in the 70s filled their time... but what did they fill it with? My mom sewed curtains, my dad weirdly liked to make rugs (like this, so weird). What do you do with your sig-o when you're just home alone? I mean besiiides making out, obviously. For JCPE's birthday we (Vic, Evelyn and the parents) bought him an Ipad. I feel pretty confident that it's one of his top 5 birthday gifts EVER. He loooves it. It's so adorably organized and well cared for. There are a bunch of things that two people can do on an ipad and when we're not playing Yahtzee we're watching music videos. JCPE discovered the VEVO app and for the actually unbelievable price of free you can watch every music video EVER! No Doubt fans do you remember when we bought the Boom Box for like $50 (click that link you can get it for $8!) ? I had to get mine on ebay because the stores all ran out, my mom got into a fight with someone at the Union Square Virgin Megastore (now a very fancy Citibank for you youngsters) because they didn't have it. The idea that we could watch ALL the No Doubt videos on DVD was so so exciting! Oh the past, you were adorable. Below are our new favorite videos! And for the best guitar solo ever: Technical question: Did she die from rain or all that smoking? I remember seeing this before I ever smoked and thinking OMG I DO NOT want to smoke on my wedding day! So gross! So happy I quit for a zillion reasons but right now most of all because my wedding dress doesn't smell like ass!
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Bridesmaids* (& a trip to Vegas)

Last week I flew (half successfully, as in, if you cry you get free drinks!) to Las Vegas for Indika and John's wedding! A mere five years ago they came to visit New York and John and I plotted for an engagement on a rowboat in central park! Several cross country moves and two beautiful daughters later it was finally time for them to officially tie the knot!

I've been a bridesmaid four times now and every time is an insanely different experience. At Annie's wedding I was only 19 and even less capable of handling free champagne as I am today! Christiana's was a small affair with a view of the statue of liberty and a few family and friends (the most similar to mine, actually). Loni's was a batshit crazy Jersey fiesta of nutso that ended up being awesome, but involved the most tears. Finally, for Indika's wedding I had the absolute least to do and a dress that I'm going to wear again, so therefore the best time.

I've never been a Maid of Honor but if I were to be I'd want to emulate Crystal and her awesome ability to be on top of everything. My sister and I nabbed a few of Crystal's "Bachelorette Party Recovery Kits" full of advil, mints, lotion, coffee, shower salts (it's a thing) socks, lip gloss and a ton of other fun goodies. I actually had to check my bag on the way home because I didn't want to abandon all the lotion (and spray on hoes) that I got as gifts.

The wedding was beautiful! Indika looked phenomenal, as always. I love how as people we pair ourselves off in such interesting ways. I'm a firm believer that JCPE and I match, we're both little and brown. Indika and John are both ripped and blonde. I get genuine heart flutters when I think of my friends finding the loves of their lives. I also love so much that we have been friends for so long that my family was invited to the wedding. Thank you so much Indika and John for such a great wedding!

Also, I can't wait to see all the pictures! I never want to see the video because I realized I practiced my ONE joke with the videographer while we were taking pictures then used it in my speech! Ugh! So now I'm in the the video twice saying almost the exact same thing! I planned that poorly.

Now that we've been home there are a few ideas floating around for our December reception in Vegas. It's going to probably be a house party, it WILL involve dancing. There will be a speech by my one bridesmaid, Blair. More info and an actual date coming soon!

The big thing is, this time I found myself LOVING Las Vegas. I love that you get to wear heels everywhere because you're not walking a zillion miles. In vegas if you're not wearing heels and earrings you're wearing pajama pants, platforms and huge sunglasses. Basically, everyone looks awesome. I love that you always know what direction you're going in because you can see the mountains so it's impossible to get lost. I love that I went house hunting with my sister to look at houses that were all so far under 80K it made my head spin.

I miss my family. I miss my mom and my dad and all three of my brothers (even you, Decker). I miss Indika and Crystal and Annie and Jasen. I need to learn to drive.

I hear the west coast calling my name.

* IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN BRIDESMAIDS YOU NEED TO GO LIKE, RIGHT NOW. I have never laughed so hard in the theater ever in my life!

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A Taylor By Any Other Name

That's me! How old was I in that picture? 2? However old I was I was really proud that I could do things myself! I'm also proud to say that 27ish years later I still don't need glasses but every once in a while I fake it for fashion's sake!

I'm changing my name.

I'm adding the P and keeping the TVS, so I'll have four names. JCPE has four... why can't I? I can. I can do whatever I want, technically.

But I'm going by TP, officially.

I have always, always wanted to do this. I have expected to since I was very young, I don't think I even flirted with not changing my name. I think it is important to understand that name changes are a big deal, they take a long time, they're expensive ($10 a pop for 'official' copies, of which you need a zillion, ugh) and there is a lot of ground to cover (think of all the things you can't do when your ID doesn't match your cc). If it's what you want I suggest jumping in with two feet, or head first, or just diving gracefully into it!

I understand not wanting to do it. Especially now, when I've developed a branded TS life. I had to change my twitter and my website will eventually change too. I understand being angry that the girl always is the one to change her name, that makes some women feel that they are being treated unfairly by tradition. The idea that the tradition of taking on the family name of your husband would hurt you, hurts my heart. Literally, I'm sitting here and my heart aches a little. It might not have been a choice in the past, but it is a choice now. Couples who choose to spend their lives together get to pick and choose the traditions they want (Christmas tree. You betcha. Nativity? Not so much.) and I think it is beyond exciting to be at the doorstep of a life together. I'm excited and grateful, every day. I choose this tradition.

The women in my family do this: They ditch their middle name, scoot the maiden name over, and add the married name. Then later they give one or two of their children the maiden name as a middle name. For example, I am First Name, Grandma's First Name, Last Name... my sister is First Name, Mom's Maiden Name, Last Name. So Blair got the Finch in her name. A name that she plans to pass on to her children, a name that I would also like to pass onto mine in some way.

The women and men in JCPE's family do this: The children are given a first middle and last name, then when they are older they are given the choice to add the Mother's Maiden Name to the end of their name. That's why he's JCPE (while his brother's name ends in P, he didn't add on the E). The P is his last name, which is why it's now mine. The E is his mom's maiden... are you with me? So our children will be P's growing up and when they are old enough they can be PS's if they want.

Isn't that cool? There are a lot of choices.

The #1 reason that I changed my name is because I am starting a family. This is a family. It's little, family for 2 please! It will grow (nooot anytime soon, simmer down) and to me having that name is so important.

I know who I am. I am Taylor Victoria Stirek Pineiro, I am also a Finch, a Bisch, a Pomajbo, a Gralla and generations of family names that come from many different countries and backgrounds. I represent a long line of women that loved and were loved strong enough to start their own beautiful family, it's my turn.
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We got married in under 60 seconds!

So. Celia thought, and we agreed, that it would be best to get married on land quickly before we got on the boat. Just in case there was any dispute of where we were in the water etc (oh Statue of Liberty that is really in New Jersey!). So we did the quickest of quick ceremonies and we were married!

As Celia said later, married and renewed your vows in about an hour! That's commitment!

Untitled from David Epstein on Vimeo.


Here I am 'borrowing' something from Carissa!

We had a frantic moment at the bar the night before where she looked at everything she was wearing to find the most suitable thing to borrow! Almost forgot!
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Wedding Day - Part 2

So! When we left you last we were hugging in front of the house and Carissa was inside calling the car service to take us to the Seaport!

This picture KILLS ME, it almost makes me cry there is so much love in it! It reminds me of a time when we were very first starting to date. Our first official outing was going canoeing at a lake somewhere else... this precursors the canoeing event years later when we had to carry our boats across a road a few time and I legit lost a shoe. We were brand new dating. It was us, Vic and Evelyn and Chris and Peter.

I remember being in the car and someone talking about cameras and how they wish they had remembered to bring theirs. JCPE and I were squished in the back seat in one of those super safe configurations that you do when you're young and don't care. We were holding hands as someone said "I wish I had that camera!" and JCPE looked at our hands and whispered "I wish I had a camera right now." Instantly, I was in love with him. There was no turning back from that.

The ride there was really fun, the day was beautiful. I proudly showed off my Juan ring that we got at the Chelsea Flea Market a few years ago.

We realized only the day before that the wedding was the same day as the MS walk. I totally support supporting the MS walk, but we were relieved to know that the walk ended at 1pm so we missed any concert series or cheering or whatnot that was going on.

The Seaport is very special to me. I lived half a block away at 200 Water Street when it was an NYU dorm for two years in college. I LOVED it. I was an RA, I had this HUGE studio on the 9th floor with a beautiful view of the Brooklyn Bridge. The first summer after Florence I was staying at Water Street and studying Art History so I decided the best thing to do would be to get a job at the closest museum. I walked to the office of the Seaport Museum and the manager, Patrick Glynn interviewed me for a position. Everyone else was in highschool, I think it paid around $7 an hour and mostly entailed standing by doorways and greeting guests. I loved it.

I learned a lot about the history, completed my Senior project on the area and try to go back when I can. When it came time to find a boat I contacted Patrick, who, after all these years is still so willing to step up and help whenever necessary. He no longer works at the museum but just so happens to work for New York Water Taxi. He got us a great deal, the entire taxi, champagne, a tour around the harbor for an hour! His staff was phenomenal and everything went off without a hitch!

It's such a magical thing to get married in a place you can go back to over and over.

This is JCPE trying to find Celia. We had never met in person so there was a lot of "We look like we're getting married!" and "I am near the stage!" back and forth.

Eventually, we found each other. For legality's sake we held a quick ceremony on the pier... That's up next!

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The White Roof Project

Near the top of the list of the things that we do together is The White Roof Project! Last year I was president of the Manhattan Young Democrats and JCPE attended a meeting with a speaker from the Sierra Club and tada! The White Roof Project was born!

The mission is simple, paint black tar roofs in NYC (and really, this works anywhere where there is an outdoors, so, everywhere) white and the building will be significantly cooler inside. Keep it white for long enough and energy costs go way down. More scientific details HERE.

Painting roofs is fun and rewarding but not cheap! We're throwing a fundraiser NEXT Monday, May 23rd at 7pm on the Lower East Side and would love to see you there!

Tickets HERE
Facebook HERE
Follow us on twitter @roofproject


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Wedding Day - Part 1

Ok! So here we go! A little bit past our two-week-aversery and the dust is settling (I keep saying that, because man was it dusty!) and we have some pictures to share! How exciting!

So the night before the wedding I tried to meet Carissa to get our nails done but she didn't make it... 100% my fault for not giving a tired out of towner directions! We ended up finding each other on 7th ave and after a failed attempt to go to Faces & Names we decided to go to Whiskey Park where her hilarious cousin works. We spent the night chatting and drinking tequila drinks and eating cold fries (why they order from Rue 57 there and it never arrives warm, I do not know). I had woken up at 3:45 that day for the Royal Wedding viewing, so I was sufficiently tired and full and just tipsy enough to fall asleep without wedding jitters when I arrived home!

We woke up early enough, made some coffee (we didn't eat until way after, I just couldn't stomach anything!) and started to get ready. As it was the end of the month I wrote out the rent check and signed it something like Tayyy Stirrsz and took one look it and started to cry! I was like 'it's the last time I ever sign Taylor Stirek [it wasn't, still have those checks] and I messed it up!' which was followed by JCPE on the exercise bike creating a playlist for the boat, realizing that he found the perfect song and crying. [Is that song about aliens in the end?]

So when Carissa gets there at 10:45 we're a bit of a mess. I'm literally washing JCPE's white shirt in the kitchen sink and getting out the blow dryer to dry it (which I don't end up doing, I run to the laundry mat and toss it in the dryer) and JCPE is yelling 'CARISSA! I'm not a dead beat husband' and running around the living room instead of taking a shower.

Carissa did an AMAZING job! She is based out of Southern California and Las Vegas and her make-up work can be found here: www.carissaferreri.com!

I loved having her there. We met in 8th grade in Las Vegas, went to most of high school together and met up in some of the most fun ways in the years since. I visited her in Florence because I had a free ticket to anywhere in the world and she was there, we spent time together one  really emotionally draining Christmas break when we both really needed a little balance and most recently she drove me to the airport last July and asked 'hey, when are you going to get married?' haha.

JCPE's idea to send our mothers roses to announce the wedding backfired when they arrived really really early. We thought that at least the flowers to Las Vegas would buy us some time (bide time? I think it's bide time...) but they didn't. While JCPE was in the shower his phone started buzzing, it was his mama. Mine texted less than an hour later.

This is me talking to my family:

So. It was hectic, but there was no turning back. JCPE went out and bought some wine we cheersed to the day and got ready to take some official pictures.

First, he waits:

Then we meet outside our home:



Next up! We drive to the seaport and try to find Celia and a special tribute to the real hero of the day:

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Wedding Pics!!

Here they are! Thank you Dave for doing such a wonderful job! You are amazing!
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Wedding Day.

I catch myself sometimes wanting to find a reason to regret our decision. There's still a lot of confusion, people are coming around slowly... but then I think about my wedding day. And I smile. It's uncontrollable. I told JCPE that my smile changed that day, it's bigger, brighter and I'm so much happier than I ever have been. I loved my wedding day, I love my husband. We're promised pictures tonight and when we get those you will get your stories!

Until then, I drew this picture.
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Just beautiful! I cry every time I read them!   The Wedding of Taylor and Juan Carlos Opening Reading I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where, I love you simply, without problems or pride; I love you in this way because I don’t know another way of loving but this,  in which there is no I or you, So intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand So intimate that when I fall asleep, it is your eyes that close.” From poet Pablo Neruda Statement of Intent Before you, Taylor and Juan Carlos, are joined together in marriage, in my presence and in the presence of the witnesses, I am bound to remind you of the serious and the binding nature of the new relationship to which you are about to commit to today. The ancient rite of marriage as most of us understand it, is the voluntary, deliberate and full commitment of two individuals to one another to become partners for a lifetime. It is made in the deepest sense possible, to the exclusion of all other and it is entered into with the desire, the hope and the firm intention that it will last forever.   Taylor and Juan Carlos, Have you come here freely and without reservation to give yourselves to each other in marriage? Taylor and Juan Carlos: We have    Celia: That is GREAT! Ring Warming William Blake wrote; That it is possible: To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour. It’s even easier to see it in a wedding ring, in the palm of each of your hands. Please hold your partners ring dear. As we move through the ceremony, warm and infuse them with your hopes and wishes for your future together. Before you exchange them, we’ll all touch them with our hearts and hands, adding our kind and loving thoughts to your union. As you enter into this marriage, you bring to each other the history and lifetime of the gifts given to you. One of those gifts is the necklace that belonged to Taylor’s Grandma Finch. As it was given to her grandma by her grandfather, it was given to her with the understanding that she would wear it for the first time on her wedding day. Let us take a moment to remember all the people who have gone before us, leaving their dreams for us to complete.  We know they rejoice with us on this beautiful day. Address Love at first sight; it’s such a delightful, romantic notion. We think of all those great Hollywood musicals, the silver screen couples…..Fred and Ginger….Gene Kelly and Cyd Charise….Tracy and Hepburn…….some enchanted evening, you may meet a stranger…across a crowded room.  Okay, so  you didn’t meet in a crowded room, and it wasn’t exactly love at first sight, but there is something about that sweet, old fashion notion of love that really does define your relationship.  The gentle patterns  of time  together and time apart  brought  you to this day gradually and naturally; Throughout these past nine years, you have overcome the obstacles in your path and created a life together, reinventing yourselves along the way.  Your  story is one of enduring love and togetherness amid a constant swirl of creative change. That red painting that formed the backdrop of your engagement  couldn’t have been a more appropriate choice.  Of course, the Museum of Modern art was the setting for your first sorta date, but much of what can be said about   Barnet Newman’s “Heroicus Sublimis”  could be said of love, specifically your relationship. It was his largest and most overwhelming work at that point in his career. At it’s first showing, in 1951  Newman tacked to the wall a notice that read, “There is a tendency to look at large pictures from a distance. The large pictures in this exhibition are intended to be seen from a short distance.” Newman believed deeply in the spiritual potential of abstract art. The Latin title of this painting means “Man, heroic and sublime.” He likened the experience to a human encounter: "It's no different, really, from meeting another person. One has a reaction to the person physically. Also, there’s a metaphysical thing, and if a meeting of people is meaningful, it affects both their lives." I think it is safe to say that your first encounter in Italy evolved miraculously, and has affected both  of your lives in a sublime and heroic way. As you certainly appreciate the big picture, it is perhaps the details, the small things of everyday life that paint that picture so poetically.  Just remember life isn’t perfect, none of us are perfect, but together, you can be pretty close! Reading From the Prophet by Kahlil Gibran Love one another But make not a bond of love Let it rather be a moving sea Between the shores of your souls. Fill each other’s cup, but drink not from the same cup Sing and dance together and be joyous But let each of you be alone Even as the string of a lute are alone Though they quiver with the same music Give you hearts, but not into each other’s keeping For only the hand of life  Can contain your hearts. And stand together  Yet not too near together For the pillars of the temple stand apart And the oak tree and the cypress  Grow not in each other’s shadow.   The Asking Marriage begins in the giving of words. We cannot join ourselves to one another without giving our word. And this must be an unconditional giving, for in joining ourselves to one another we join ourselves to the unknown. No human ties are more tender, no other vows more sacred than those that you now assume. Marriage is a partnership that thrives when each person gives all they can without concern of what will come back. Each partner gives love in freedom, knowing that loving well is a gift that is its own reward. It is a promise to look at every day with gratitude, even a day that is full of challenges. Juan Carlos Do you take Taylor to be you lawful and wedded wife? Do you promise to love and respect her, to be honest with her, always be her strength and her sanctuary, and stand joyfully beside her in whatever the future may bring?  Juan Carlos: I do Taylor Do you take Juan Carlos to be you lawful and wedded Husband? Do you promise to love and respect him, to be honest with him, always be her strength and her sanctuary, and  stand joyfully beside him in whatever the future may bring?  Taylor: I do The Exchange of Vows Celebrant to Taylor: repeat after me; I,  Taylor, take you  Juan Carlos to be my partner, my friend and my husband; to laugh loudly and to cry softly; to work and to play; to create a life together that cannot be imagined separately.  I vow to be your strength and your sanctuary, as long we shall live. Juan Carlos, please repeat after me; I,  Juan Carlos,  take you  Taylor to be my partner, my friend and my wife; to laugh loudly and to cry softly; to work and to play; to create a life together that cannot be imagined separately. I vow to be your strength and your sanctuary, as long we shall live. The Gift  of the Rings Rings are an ancient symbol, blessed and simple Round like the sun, like the eye, like arms that embrace. Circles, for love that is given comes back round again and again. Therefore may these symbols remind you that your love, like the sun, illuminates, that your love, like the eye, must see clearly. And that your love, like arms that embrace, is a grace upon this world. (We’ll pass the rings around to everyone in attendance.) Your rings have been touched and blessed by each of the people you have chosen to share this day. Whenever you catch a glimpse of them on your fingers, may you always remember that you start this journey of marriage with their love and support. Now I ask Juan Carlos to take the ring and place it on the fourth finger of Taylor’s left hand and repeat after me; “Taylor, this ring I give  you is my personal gift, my personal promise of love, friendship, commitment and pride that we have chosen to share our life.  It is a symbol of the trust we have together, and the beauty and strength we will find in each other.  May my heart be your shelter and my arms be your home.” Taylor, please take this ring and place it on the fourth finger of Juan Carlos’s left hand and repeat after me; “Juan Carlos, this ring I give you is my personal gift, my personal promise of love, friendship, commitment and pride that we have chosen to share our life.  It is a symbol of the trust we have together, and the beauty and strength we will find in each other.  May my heart be your shelter and my arms be your home.” Pronouncement of Marriage Taylor and Juan Carlos, you have created a union marked by taking vows and exchanging rings. You have declared that you trust each other’s kind intentions that you will be true to each other as long as you both shall live. It is my honor and my joy to pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride!  (Or, ‘you may kiss each other!) Final Words May all that life brings to you strengthen the bond that you have declared here today. May it continue to grow stronger every day, as you nurture and call each other to an even deeper dimension in your relationship. May all your loved ones continue to rejoice and be inspired by the warmth of the love that has united you.  May you continue to dream together, to hope together, and to always follow the music of your hearts. Here our ceremony ends, and a new life of joy and love begins!!!
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This is what I looked like after 2 hours on a horse (95% of the time I was ok, 5% of the time, I cried)

If I thought eloping was hard while I was doing it I wasn't really prepared for how lonely it would be once it was all over. I genuinely thought that people would want to know what had happened, that they would reach out and want to talk about it! I'm here and I WANT to talk about it! I love answering questions and telling funny stories about the process! But, for the most part, it's been not only radio silence but the weird feeling that the topic is being avoided.

This, I think is sad. It makes me sad. I've kept this process to myself for so long and now that I'm aching to talk about it there haven't been any opportunities. JCPE is trying to make me feel better... he's totally right, we did this usually public thing very privately and I guess that just takes a while to understand that it was about me and JCPE, but our entire life going forward is about our friends and family and each other and everyone working and celebrating and living this life together. What we did doesn't at all mean that we don't want to share our life with our loved ones.

I think it will just take some time. I'll keep encouraging people to read the blog (because the answers to all the questions really are here) and once we send some save the dates for our celebrations in NY and Las Vegas maybe that will encourage people to want to talk about it, and it will feel more real!  I hope so, because I'm SO HAPPY and I want to share that with everyone!

Evelyn, I can't wait to see you!

Jamie and Belinda it was great skyping with you last night! The only future technology that really terrifies me is the prolific use of video chat, I'll need a production designer for my life!

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Pics from Carissa's iphone!

Had to share immediately! I love that iphone photo app!
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