Yesterday, I freaked out.

The other day I read an interview where Nicole Kidman interviewed Jennifer Aniston HERE via People.
The two actresses then get on the broader topic of family versus career. "I like to ask people if they would rather have a great love that lasts a lifetime or an amazing career where you go down in history," Kidman says. "Some people do answer that they want an extraordinary career."

"I know what I would choose," Aniston replies. "That's a no-brainer. I would choose the love of my life."

Ugh blah gross. That's just mean and a little unnecessary. Yesterday I sent an email to all my contacts and despite trying literally as hard as I could to make sure that it was correct I made a big mistake in it. And I freaaaaaked out. I sat on my bed sobbing. I can't do anything right seems to be the common theme in my life. I'm 28. I have no idea what I'm doing with my life.

But I have a little bit of hope. I have Juan Carlos, and I have him to support me in a career. Not just as an exchange for being unsuccessful. It's not one or the other. I will not believe that. Juan Carlos doesn't believe it either. I just happened to find love first. I WILL find a career that I love too. I will have both because I want both and I need both.

Anything else just isn't ok.

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