Yes I am Afraid of the Dark!

Screen_Shot_2015-03-04_at_10.39.04_PM.pngUm. Does anyone remember Are you Afraid of the Dark?


My sister and I have recently started watching it on Amazon Prime - and although there are seven seasons we remember every episode like I just saw it 30 seconds ago. The silver coated computer 'virus', the cigars in the microwave, the dead girl from the 50s prom night, the weird snake thing with the pool, the mirrors that steal your soul, OMG the Leprechaun 'what's mine is yours what's yours is mine!'

I'm 900% convinced that 'Are you Afraid of the Dark' is a weird Canadian curse set on America in the 90s and will someday come true - just a matter of time. 

It is such a weird sensation to watch something (now I remembered a dead girl in a room with stuff written all over the wall) and have it bring you to a total time warp back to the past!

I l.o.v.e. scary things. I'm a wimp and I hate watching them but I love them. It makes no sense. My mom read Stephen King books when I was a kid and would tell me what happened - Gerald's Game as told by Bobbi ruined many dark nights. I just learned that my Grandma took my mom to the movies to see Psycho -- which IMDB tells me mom was 5 when that happened. Explains why I want to tell Flo what's happening in all my Stephen King books! It's genetic I guess. 

I'm super into passing the bug on to the next generation! 


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