What is wrong with me (aka why can't I figure out the LAPL)

About 6 months ago I read a review in Time of a book I was interested in reading. I thought hey I'm going to save money and I'll get a library card! So I got the card and put a hold and I was number 22 in the queue - then on Tuesday I got the email that my hold was ready!

I went to pick it up AND IT WAS A BOOK ON CD!!!!!! This is the second time I've done this since I got my card. I go to pick up my hold (because you don't even need to look in the stacks anymore you can just order from any LA Library and it'll appear at the one you want to pick up a day or so later) and the librarian hands me the box of CDs. I take it all the way back to work before returning it the next day - because I'm too embarrassed to say I made a mistake. 

It very clearly says CD or Book.

Now I'm BACK on the list for the actual book and look - it's devastating. 


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