Current position: On bike in living room wearing Ed Hardy wedges (because hi, we're going going back back to Cali Cali where ish like this is allowed) JCPE is ordering flowers to arrive at our parents' homes on Sat to announce the wedding! Did I mention I hate surprises? This is the last time! It's 11:25 but I really need to clean the apt, just do general dusting to get it picture-ready for Saturday! I couldn't find my password to this site all of a sudden and I looked it up in my gmail and I found this awesome email from January 2009. Me: Juan and I were on the other day and I was teasing him about what to name our website (which he is unwilling to even create this early in the game...) but we have the perfect name ahhhhahahahahhahhahahhahahahahahahaahahahahahahahah omg I think it's SO FUNNY Victor: HAHAHAHA- that idea is definitely Juan in a million! You're Juan of a kind, Taylorcita! Me: I'm pretty sure that's never going to get old. Victor: Not in Juan million years.... Okay, I'll stop. Evelyn: I love it! But I have no puns to add :( hahah I love you siblings-in-law! Please don't murder us!
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