Wedding Day - Part 3

Before I forget how that whole wedding thing went I need to make sure I blog about it!

When I left you last we were at the pier looking for Celia. Well, we found her! We got married quickly on the end of the pier and there is a cute little video HERE.

Here I am signing my life away:

Then it was off to the boat for the longer ceremony!

Something that needs to be noted about water taxis, they're BUMPY! Insanely bumpy! Hilariously bumpy!

The sound system was amazing and we were able to start our journey towards the Statue of Liberty with our very own picked that morning wedding song! Standing on the boat holding on for dear life and looking over at the Seaport on our way to get married was just about as surreal as it gets.

We labored over to the front of the boat (aft? port side?) as we got closer to the Statue and the captain did his best to keep the boat steady.

We had requested that the boat stop in front of the Statue for the ceremony. That's pretty much impossible. I don't know what part of us thought that a boat had the ability to stop in a harbor, but they very technically do not. JCPE and I grabbed onto the sides and Celia rooted herself onto a bench for the official ceremony.

It was beautiful. The weather was perfect, our story is so full of love and memories that both of us were overcome with emotion. Halfway through I had to remove JCPE's glasses because I couldn't see his face due to his transition lenses! Just another reason why I love him so much. His future's just so bright!

This is the part that I don't really feel the need to articulate. Our vows are on the site so you're welcome to find them and read through them. This moment was the moment that we wanted to keep to ourselves. We didn't want microphones or a crowd of people. Just the two of as alone as you can get when you get married, listening to the waves, listening to our story. Looking at each other in awe that we were able to get this far. How lucky are we? How amazing is it that we're able to be together forever at all? Very. Very is the answer to both of those questions.

After the ceremony we sailed (rode? went?) up the Hudson for a minute then back around and under the Brooklyn Bridge. The 5 of us killed two bottles of champagne and just marveled at the beautiful day. After we headed to a cafe for lunch and Carissa, bless he heart, headed to the airport. Dave headed home to download the pictures and JCPE and I went on a long walk together. We eventually made it home and immediately fell asleep.

In the evening we called our friends and sort of successfully launched this site. We had dinner at Vesta and we went to sleep eager to wake up and head on our honeymoon!

Thank you to everyone who took part in our special day! Celia Milton, Carissa and Dave, Maura and Patrick from NY Water Taxi along with their wonderful staff you were all so amazing and loving and we're grateful that you were with us!

Aaaaaaaand scene!

We're married.

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