Wedding Day - Part 1

Ok! So here we go! A little bit past our two-week-aversery and the dust is settling (I keep saying that, because man was it dusty!) and we have some pictures to share! How exciting!

So the night before the wedding I tried to meet Carissa to get our nails done but she didn't make it... 100% my fault for not giving a tired out of towner directions! We ended up finding each other on 7th ave and after a failed attempt to go to Faces & Names we decided to go to Whiskey Park where her hilarious cousin works. We spent the night chatting and drinking tequila drinks and eating cold fries (why they order from Rue 57 there and it never arrives warm, I do not know). I had woken up at 3:45 that day for the Royal Wedding viewing, so I was sufficiently tired and full and just tipsy enough to fall asleep without wedding jitters when I arrived home!

We woke up early enough, made some coffee (we didn't eat until way after, I just couldn't stomach anything!) and started to get ready. As it was the end of the month I wrote out the rent check and signed it something like Tayyy Stirrsz and took one look it and started to cry! I was like 'it's the last time I ever sign Taylor Stirek [it wasn't, still have those checks] and I messed it up!' which was followed by JCPE on the exercise bike creating a playlist for the boat, realizing that he found the perfect song and crying. [Is that song about aliens in the end?]

So when Carissa gets there at 10:45 we're a bit of a mess. I'm literally washing JCPE's white shirt in the kitchen sink and getting out the blow dryer to dry it (which I don't end up doing, I run to the laundry mat and toss it in the dryer) and JCPE is yelling 'CARISSA! I'm not a dead beat husband' and running around the living room instead of taking a shower.

Carissa did an AMAZING job! She is based out of Southern California and Las Vegas and her make-up work can be found here:!

I loved having her there. We met in 8th grade in Las Vegas, went to most of high school together and met up in some of the most fun ways in the years since. I visited her in Florence because I had a free ticket to anywhere in the world and she was there, we spent time together one  really emotionally draining Christmas break when we both really needed a little balance and most recently she drove me to the airport last July and asked 'hey, when are you going to get married?' haha.

JCPE's idea to send our mothers roses to announce the wedding backfired when they arrived really really early. We thought that at least the flowers to Las Vegas would buy us some time (bide time? I think it's bide time...) but they didn't. While JCPE was in the shower his phone started buzzing, it was his mama. Mine texted less than an hour later.

This is me talking to my family:

So. It was hectic, but there was no turning back. JCPE went out and bought some wine we cheersed to the day and got ready to take some official pictures.

First, he waits:

Then we meet outside our home:



Next up! We drive to the seaport and try to find Celia and a special tribute to the real hero of the day:

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