We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

But really, we need a bigger kitchen. We wouldn't even mind living in an apartment that was like, 50% kitchen. This one-wall small oven NO drawer nonsense is just about to be too much. We have to keep some of our new appliances in the basement, and the cake (not the cake-plate that has to stay in it's box in the basement but the "cake") is that our new dishes DON'T FIT IN THE CABINETS! hahahhahahahahaha what? Who registers for dishes without measuring their cabinets? Probably a lot of people? Right? I mean, I never even thought to measure them! ugh.

Today JCPE said he was going to "stores" with his mama so I've put him to the task of picking out flatware. Our mismatched forks and iced tea spoons are on the outta here team!

We've been thinking about moving A LOT. Moving to Manhattan or somewhere else. Like, not in New York anymore somewhere else. I'm coming up on my 11 year anniversary here, we're feeling the urge to move on.

Currently obsessed with the idea of living in Santa Barbara. Just learned that you can't possibly live more than a mile from the beach +1! Just looked up tickets from SB to Las Vegas avg $400 -1! BUT it's just a 5 hour drive +1! BUT I don't drive -1!

So, the jury's out. What I know for sure is I can't live in a place where my crockpot and mixer can't cohabitate.
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