We have the Rings!

We got them yesterday, and they are beautiful! They are titanium and we got them on ETSY HERE. JCPE got two, because again, you can do whatever you want! He's already wearing one. We opened them and we just couldn't resist giving him a 'engagement' ring too!

Mine might be too thick. I'd rather be 100% happy with it than a little unsure so I re-ordered it a little different. So now I have two too! Which is exciting because I can wear one on both hands if I feel like it now!

They're a little darker than the white gold on my engagement ring, which I'm really excited about since I wanted it to look like this ish

Make sense? I'm just trying to look like I live INSIDE the This is Glamorous Blog because it is so amazing and beautiful!

I'm totally aware that you can't even really SEE that ring, it's just there!

We're ok we're ok we're ok!
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