We Are Strong.

The religious implications of being married at the very core make me furious. The Atheist that I am cannot resist the urge to shake at the core [see, I said core again! It’s shaking] and yell – well, yell some not nice things that involve bad words and all caps and exasperated sighs of disbelief. Sigh [another sigh, not my day]. It’s not my place to say anything that might make you angry at me, or to say anything you feel like you need to defend yourself [that might make no sense, I've edited it a zillion times!]. You can do whatever you want, and so can I, that’s the point. It’s just that. I’m so sick of hearing the same thing read at weddings over and over, and I am eternally grateful that however spiritual my partner is, he is willing to coexist in my life where I enjoy watching Easter Parade, giving gifts at Christmas and being blissfully at piece with the notion that nothing happens when you die, so just live a good life while you can.
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