We are moving! (for real this time!) To California!

I started a rumor last week when I started gushing about how much we love LA on Facebook. The truth is, we DO love it there and we DO plan to move in the next few months!! Logistics are just the first piece of the puzzle (driving, cars, apartments, jobs so much to do!) First, look how pretty it is:

We've been wanting to move for a long time. We've talked about LA and then Austin and then back to LA. The west coast makes the most sense for JCPE with his job right now and I have always enjoyed it there and have a great network of friends & colleagues to plug into! This is the perfect time for us. JCPE's second feature film, Know How, is almost complete. I'm looking for jobs after recently leaving my Assistant life (hopefully for good). Why not start to look for jobs in LA?!

I don't have many answers, and it's likely that this will take longer than we anticipate but we are really excited about the new chapter in our life!

Here are some FAQs from family and friends:

Why are you moving exactly? (Mama Stirek) - We've been in NYC for almost 13 years which is a really long time! For me personally I have done SO MUCH of what I wanted to do while I was here. Recently my book club read Rules of Civility a novel about women in the 30's in NYC. While reading it I was so moved by all of MY NYC memories. JCPE and I went out for late night Jazz and I started drinking just gin! If I hadn't ever lived in NYC a book like that would have made me SO sad. Instead it made me SO happy and grateful for all of my experiences here. I will treasure them always and never say never we might hate it out there and come back!

What happend to Austin? (Sister Blair) - At behest of my therapist we went to visit the places we were considering living. Austin was really high for a long time, we have great friends and a great sister there! After going to visit it affirmed our love but we wanted to see LA as well. LA just felt right for where we are in our lives right now. We want to take a chance (a serious earthquake might dump us into the ocean chance!) on living the dream there for a while! I anticipate we'll move to Austin or somewhere similar in a few years when we start to have expensive children! It's not out for the count at all.

What about all your non-profit work in NYC? (Everyone we are on boards with) - Right now I'm continuing my work as is, because you never know and the worst thing would be to be here in April with nothing to do! A lot of we both do can be done digitally and over the phone for a while during transitions etc. We never want our passion for our projects to suffer so when we anticipate it being a real issue we will act accordingly!

What do YOU (Tay) want to do in LA? - Right, it makes sense for JCPE to move there obvs. For me, it's not just following him to the west coast it's also been a dream of mine to move somewhere warmer and closer to my family for years now. I'm grateful to have been let go from my former position in such a way that I'm able to job search from home for the next few weeks. I recently went to PA for the Obama campaign for just two weeks but I absolutely loved it. I'd love to do some sort of political organizing in the Los Angeles area. I have a few contacts there that I will be talking to and sharing my resume and applying for jobs that I might love! I'm thinking organizing, social media, progressivism are my key words. California is a fun state politically and I think I can do a lot of good there!

What is the timeline like? - I'm looking for jobs starting now. If I get something I will go and sublet and search for apts while JCPE finishes up work here. We understand that this could take months, but are hoping for Jan/Feb.

How will you get your stuff there? (Dad Stirek) - well! I have no desire to drive a U-Haul across country so Mama Pineiro and JCPE will do a mama/son road trip! It'll be adorable.

What neighborhoods are you looking at? - Silverlake, Los Feliz, and Echo Park probably. We want something walkable for dinner/drinks and we have no concept of where we will be working so these places are the best NYC transplant starter-kit 'hoods.

When can I come visit? (Gugs) - Soon! Let's go to the beach all the time and hide under umbrellas and full body sun proof suits!

Can we go to Spago in LA? (Gugs) - yes! haha let's do everything LA fancy! Including star-maps and possible the TMZ bus tour!

Got more questions? I can try to have answers!!

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