Was my last post about freaking out? This one is too!

Today it's about 20 degrees and I walked to work in a sweater and one of JCPE's sweatshirts... why you ask? Oh only because my winter coat is currently IN the freezer! I'm a crazy person.

Last night we went to the movies for the second time this weekend and the third time in two weeks. Which is a huge deal for me since I'm petrified of bed bugs. About an hour into the green hornet I go to the bathroom and there are bites on my neck... they could be hives, they could be pimples, they could be a large number of things but I FREAK out and spend the rest of the time crying in the lobby looking at all the nooks and crannies of our coats. Then we go home and take everything to the cleaners, the shoes are in a bag in a pile of snow on the shed roof and my coat... well it's in the freezer. It's probably going to smell like fish and sweet potatoes and bread when I finally get it out of there.

I go crazy over bed bugs. Mostly because I buy into the stupid media hype and also because I have SO MANY dresses and I just don't want to pay to have them all drycleaned! We're getting rid of so much stuff, really. We're living a simpler life, really. I just get so scared that something is going to mess it all up.

But holy crap does JCPE make it all ok. He lets me be crazy, I don't know why, he certainty doesn't have to. I wonder what I did to get so lucky. I certainty feel like I don't deserve this awesome of a man... but since I was blessed with this jewel of a person to spend my life with I'm going to love him and love him and love him until we're old people. I'm looking forward many many years of taping the freezer shut in fear, and many many years of JCPE loving me not anyway, but because.
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