Valentine's Day Recap - one sad Taylor


I don't know why anyone uses Photoshop when clearly Paint can do everything that photoshop can! This is a simulated picture of me on V-day. I f-ed up and I'm still not over it.

JCPE is perfect. He bought me a beautiful necklace that says 'loved.' Holy hell am I lucky that I am because someone in my house is a hot mess right now (hint: it's me). I couldn't decide what to do... I was thinking I want to do something silly romantic, like the male equivalent of flowers! Then I thought oh! I'll get him actual flowers!

So the plan was three fold:

1. Wake up early and make breakfast
2. Have flowers come to his office in the middle of the day
3. Have a pizza party at home and watch Aliens

I got up at 6 and made him breakfast, that went over as well as it can when you're out of coffee and wake someone up who is confused and tired and force feed them eggs and hush puppies. Then I waited ALL day for the flowers to get to his office... finally at 6pm they arrived! Or so I thought! Actually some asshole in the building has my flowers. I don't even sort of understand. Either the delivery guy straight up lied about delivering them.... or he delivered them to what? Another person? Another floor? He just dropped them near the building and hoped for the best? Unacceptable on SO many levels.

I freaked out and shut down and took a nap, ruining all pizza party planning.

Luckily, twitter exists. I don't MEAN to exclusively complain on twitter... but it works. Often.  I tweeted something snarky to @1800flowers and within 55 minutes I had my money back and a $20 credit! After my first tweet they asked me to DM them... and my DM's were more like 'actually, I'm so sorry that you're at work tonight' 'Are you ok?' 'This is probably my fault' because I can't not-apologize or think everything is my fault.

We then proceeded to eat dominos picnic style in the living room. Not a bad end to a nail-biting day of flower delivery waiting, and I think he forgives me for not getting anything after all... I got him a cute card in spanish so that must be worth something.


1. Next time I'm going pro-flowers.
2. twitter is for lovers and complainers

We'll try again next year!

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