Updated: Holiday Giving!

We spend a lot of our time working with non-profits and this holiday season we are focusing our household giving on The Tank NYC and StreetWise Partners program.

Click through below to learn about the two amazing NYC based programs!

The Tank NYC Donation Page

StreetWise Partners Donation Page

Update 12/03

Well the other day I get home and there's a knock on the door right after. Which is weird because nobody ever comes over. It was two very nice young men from Frack Action. I took one look at their clipboard (good canvassing skills guys! Hold that clipboard out!) and went OMG hi! I know Julia Strauss I'm a big fan of you guys I was president of MYD... etc, it was a lot for them to take. I rambled and I signed their form and then I mailed a check to Frack Action too!

I love drinking water and cute canvassers and doing the right thing.

Learn more about the risks of Hydrofracking without proper research and regulation and donate here:

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.