ok! It's actually Wednesday but let's re-cap Tues:

I've gotten really emotional about hugging people 'goodbye.' When I said goodbye to Evelyn on Sunday she was like "have a great vacation!!" and I was like Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmg I won't see her until AFTER! Ack! So last night I saw Julia for the "last time." I know I said that I'm ok with not having had a party for me before the wedding... even though it was a Tuesday I'm going to say last night counts! I woke up at 3am at home, a bit fuzzy about how I got there and this morning I found my computer in my underwear drawer! Success! We had dinner and drinks and did the bonding! Thank you Julia for making my last night 'out' with a friend a great one!

Another great thing? Carissa got her ticket!!! Yay!! You would think that 50% of my wedding guests getting their ticket the Tues before the wedding would freak me out, but it didn't. JCPE was like "what is going on?" Carissa's bf was like "you need to tell Taylor if you can't make it!" And Carissa and I were like, whatever, it'll get done (well, maybe me more than her, she was worried). But! It worked out! She got the job she wanted in Vegas that starts Sunday so yay! she arrives Friday morning!

I need to figure out what I'm doing with my hair... That's Wednesday's goal!
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