Today we made the website!!

Wooo (ok, Juan made it) (and I freaked out just in case someone types in before April 30... I mean, they totally could right, because that's hilarious?)

Welcome to the archives! Sometimes (a lot of the time) when I'm bored I find random blogs of happy couples, and I look into the little window to their lives and I think, wait I'm super happy too! Then I spend my day looking through the archives at their happy lives... soooo.... HELLO Assistants!!! Welcome ladies! It's awesome that you made it this far, I'm happy to give you something to do today!

Anyway! We're nervous and excited! I'm going to post a lot in the next 111 days (yeah, signed up for today) so it'll be a lot of content but hopefully it'll help explain why we did it this way!
Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.