To My Busy Director

Another problem with not telling people? They think we're going on vacation, so they don't really get why we can't move it, for like, work. JCPE's been working his tail off for his newest film, it's going to be awesome! Like, sooooo good. It finishes filming like RIGHT before we get married. We didn't plan it this way. We put the deposit down for the honeymoon like 8 months ago! Long before he started making the movie.

We're going, obviously because if we don't go we lose a lot of cash-ola we put down on deposits.

Best Case: He's done filming and can chill out

Worst Case: He's not, and he's thinking about the movie all the time

So here:

Dear Juan Carlos,

I love you. I love that we're going away for a week to be alone in the desert and think about our life together and plan for the future and be terrified of spiders and snakes and laugh at ridiculousness of our secret. No matter what, we're going to have a great time.

There are so many things that I love about you. One of them is how much you love your profession. It's no secret that I'm jealous. Not jealous that you spend time thinking about work, but jealous that you have a calling and a passion.

I love that you get lost in your work, I think it's fascinating and endearing and so so attractive. The other day when we were walking to dinner and I was thinking chatting away about my day and you were lost in thought I asked you what you were thinking about, you said 'foster care.' Everything about you is so dedicated and good.

Every film you make is an adventure for me too. I'm learning and growing and I'm coming along with you. I look forward to our many journeys together!!


The Director's (almost!) Wife
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