This is what I paid for

I don't know what's up (I tried to see if it was El Niño and it was inconclusive) but this weather and the smell in the air and the feeling right now in LA - this is the California I've dreamed of. 

It only happens every few years - last time when we were thinking of moving here and I was staying at a friend's house and the window was open while I slept and I felt incredible.

If I could bottle it and swim in it and recreate it every day I would. It's not trivial to talk about the weather - the weather holds you and dictates your everything - the food that's available and clothes you wear - how you get to work how you experience your neighborhood. I read a great article about Scandinavian countries and how they think of winter as a cozy time to sit by a fire and read and hang out with family - I'm in 100% into that - this winter I almost froze to death because we don't have furniture at the ranch and the heater was being funny - but next year I'm going to embrace the winter. 

For now though - I'm spinning around the living room with the patio door open just feeling the California. 
I fucking love it. 


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