The Blog is Back!

We are so sorry about the technical difficulties! I knew that the 'launch' was going to be crazy, and of course, it was. The flowers that announced the marriage got to our moms before we were even married! Siblings and fathers knew before we meant them to! It was on Facebook before we had a chance to change our 'status.' I sent a frantic email and so did JCPE and some people got one, some got two, some didn't get one! It was basically a mess (we quit after a bit and went to our favorite Astoria restaurant, Vesta, and had a pizza. At that point really what else is there to do?) I had hoped that people would go to the website and be comforted and understand what was happening and take time to read it and really 'get' our marriage. Unfortunately with the glitch it was really hard to navigate the site! We're all set now, I'm adding 'featured images' as we speak! (check out the 'tags' to the right to jump around)

I wanted to say a special thank you to everyone who has left comments on the blog and taken the labor of love it was to read it! Especially to Evelyn, Liz and Katy who reached out to tell me how much they enjoyed it! And to Agnes, Amy and Xin who were stealthy about finding the registry! You are all so wonderful!

I'm really excited to start talking about it! Thank you to everyone who has called and texted and im'ed and asked questions and wanted stories! More stories on the blog to come, and of course celebrations in person but if anyone just wants to chat about it I'm Mrs. Pineiro, and I'm ready!

[caption id="attachment_392" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Taken from Carissa's iphone from the Water Taxi! "]


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