Team = Assembled!!!!!

Color us EXCITED. Shissh just got REAL!

Last night my lovely friend Carissa was in town from California, she technically lives in San Diego but she's currently a jet-setter traveling around the globe doing celebrity hair and makeup! So I wanted to ask her if she'd do mine for the wedding and I was NERVOUS about it! Then, totally without me knowing, JCPE went out for drinks with Dave, a friend from Burning Man. Juan texted me 'He said yes to photo the wedding!" And I was like, omg!!! So I asked Carissa right then and there, in a booth full of people and she said yes! yay!! Eventually it was just the 4 of us drinking and toasting and celebrating. It's SO FUN to talk about it with other people!! Especially our friends.

Part of me was like... I should show Dave what I like in terms of wedding photos... buuut you know what? I just want to let him go! He was like, I can only tell you that they're going to be just amazing! (He also said something told him that JCPE and I were going to last forever! Cute)

Thank you thank you thank you team!! We are so so lucky to have you!

Here they are (in no particular order):




Best secret wedding team pretty much ever!

In other news we're having location issues... more on that tomorrow!
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