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[ 5 Apr 2011 | No Comment ]

We got them yesterday, and they are beautiful! They are titanium and we got them on ETSY HERE. JCPE got two, because again, you can do whatever you want! He’s already wearing one. We opened them and we just couldn’t resist giving him a ‘engagement’ ring too!
Mine might be too thick. I’d rather be 100% happy with it than a little unsure so I re-ordered it a little different. So now I have two too! Which is exciting because I can wear one on both hands if I feel like …

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[ 24 Feb 2011 | No Comment ]

yay! Finally got my ring re-sized! I casually mentioned the other day that it falls off sometimes and can fit on my middle finger and my co-workers flipped out! KW was likeĀ  OMG GET A CHAIN IMMEDIATELY!!! So I put it on my middle finger for the day! Then I obessivly googled NYC jewelers and I found Hachick! I emailed him, because I hate the phone [side note: today my phone rang and I yelled WHAT CENTURY DO WE LIVE IN! and turned my ringer off. Not the best office …

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[ 23 Feb 2011 | No Comment ]

SO you may have noticed that we’re ENGAGED! It TOTALLY still counts as a surprise because I had NO IDEA and Juan was all shady and mischievous for weeks and weeks.
So NOW that we’re engaged for real and in public we’re even more happy that we’re doing it this way! I for one will never ever ask someone who JUST got engaged when the wedding is! If I didn’t already have a wedding planned I would scoff at that ridiculous question! We ARE …

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[ 14 Jan 2011 | One Comment ]
mom and grandma

Every day I feel like I think of a zillion things to blog about. This blog that nobody will ready for 4 months or so… but still.
Yesterday I felt like I did EVERYTHING wrong. It started the day before when JCPE and I were chatting rings and I started to be like “oh, maybe we can do this, or that, or call this guy or do this thing” and finally he was like “omg! stop!” Crapfest he’s totally right, I need to stop meddling! I’m crazy! It’s like when my …