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[ 17 Feb 2011 | No Comment ]

Just one!
If I keep saying OMG it titles nobody is ever going to read them! Is anyone reading this? I assumed that someone will find it eventually!
Getting married is expensive! The wedding part is going pretty smoothly actually! We’re going to secure… get this… A WATER TAXI! Just for us! Amazing!
So funny and great way to spend the day on the NY Harbor which we have always loved oh so much! The party part, that’s the part that I’m a little overwhelmed about! I need to talk to my mom …

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[ 31 Jan 2011 | No Comment ]

Today it’s about 20 degrees and I walked to work in a sweater and one of JCPE’s sweatshirts… why you ask? Oh only because my winter coat is currently IN the freezer! I’m a crazy person.
Last night we went to the movies for the second time this weekend and the third time in two weeks. Which is a huge deal for me since I’m petrified of bed bugs. About an hour into the green hornet I go to the bathroom and there are bites on my neck… they could be …

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[ 17 Jan 2011 | No Comment ]

The other day I read an interview where Nicole Kidman interviewed Jennifer Aniston HERE via People.
The two actresses then get on the broader topic of family versus career. “I like to ask people if they would rather have a great love that lasts a lifetime or an amazing career where you go down in history,” Kidman says. “Some people do answer that they want an extraordinary career.”
“I know what I would choose,” Aniston replies. “That’s a no-brainer. I would choose the love of my life.”
Ugh blah …

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[ 9 Jan 2011 | No Comment ]
tired and nervous!

Wooo (ok, Juan made it) (and I freaked out just in case someone types in taylorplusjuan.com before April 30… I mean, they totally could right, because that’s hilarious?)
Welcome to the archives! Sometimes (a lot of the time) when I’m bored I find random blogs of happy couples, and I look into the little window to their lives and I think, wait I’m super happy too! Then I spend my day looking through the archives at their happy lives… soooo…. HELLO Assistants!!! Welcome ladies! It’s awesome that you made it this …