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[ 2 Dec 2011 | One Comment ]

For the first time ever I own my very own grown-up tree! For a while we had a little mini hot-green tree that I would move around the house at Christmas time. We kept it in the shed (aka the Temple of Doom) and bad things happened to it. Bad things happen back there. Traumatizing things that involve¬†unidentified¬†sticky. So when we registered for things when we got married I wanted to make sure that I added a Christmas tree to the list. I like fake trees, they make more sense …

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[ 25 Feb 2011 | No Comment ]

[Ed note: if you were to go to my house right now and look at the disaster it is you would call me a liar for what I'm about to write here. Literally I have dirty clothes on top of my ironing board in the living room... and JCPE started this new thing where he folds his dirty socks up like they're clean and throws them in random corners! yay! Co-habitation, habitation . living.)

My kitchen is SMALL. Not the smallest I've seen in NYC (my bathroom IS the smallest I've ...

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[ 31 Jan 2011 | No Comment ]

Today it’s about 20 degrees and I walked to work in a sweater and one of JCPE’s sweatshirts… why you ask? Oh only because my winter coat is currently IN the freezer! I’m a crazy person.
Last night we went to the movies for the second time this weekend and the third time in two weeks. Which is a huge deal for me since I’m petrified of bed bugs. About an hour into the green hornet I go to the bathroom and there are bites on my neck… they could be …

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[ 14 Jan 2011 | One Comment ]
mom and grandma

Every day I feel like I think of a zillion things to blog about. This blog that nobody will ready for 4 months or so… but still.
Yesterday I felt like I did EVERYTHING wrong. It started the day before when JCPE and I were chatting rings and I started to be like “oh, maybe we can do this, or that, or call this guy or do this thing” and finally he was like “omg! stop!” Crapfest he’s totally right, I need to stop meddling! I’m crazy! It’s like when my …