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[ 12 May 2011 | 2 Comments ]

This is what I looked like after 2 hours on a horse (95% of the time I was ok, 5% of the time, I cried)

If I thought eloping was hard while I was doing it I wasn’t really prepared for how lonely it would be once it was all over. I genuinely thought that people would want to know what had happened, that they would reach out and want to talk about it! I’m here and I WANT to talk about it! I love answering questions and telling funny stories …

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[ 11 May 2011 | One Comment ]

We are so sorry about the technical difficulties! I knew that the ‘launch’ was going to be crazy, and of course, it was. The flowers that announced the marriage got to our moms before we were even married! Siblings and fathers knew before we meant them to! It was on Facebook before we had a chance to change our ‘status.’ I sent a frantic email and so did JCPE and some people got one, some got two, some didn’t get one! It was basically a mess (we quit after a …

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[ 20 Apr 2011 | No Comment ]

We did it on Sunday and I’m telling you this for a totally random reason… this happened today:
Julia: i need a mixer – i freaking made that cake last night with my own bear (ha) hands
me: awww – well I’ll get married and get a mixer and I’ll pass my old one on to you!(hahahahhahahahhaha)
Julia: why dont you just register for 2 mixers
me: haha
Julia: (make mine mint green)
hahah! Literally I’ve been meaning to blog about how the funnest part of the registry was going through the KitchenAid …

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[ 12 Apr 2011 | No Comment ]


I’m going to have SO MANY panic attacks in the next oh… EIGHTEEN DAYS! My tummy hurts and I can’t think straight! OMG.
I was in the elevator today heading down for lunch and I remembered why I hate surprises! (hahahah oh god I’m watching this clip in another window. dead. THINGS ARE GONNA CHANGE FOR YOU TONIGHT!!)
Anyway. In elementary school I was in Girlscouts and they did that ‘kidnapping’ to go camping thing that I’m not even sure that people do anymore since everyone is crazy and suspicious. But, anyway …

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[ 26 Mar 2011 | One Comment ]
the saddest of the flags.

So. I’m a relationship person. One thing I learned about relationships (all relationships, not just romantic ones) that I think is important and if not THE rule, at least top 5… is that if you want someone to realize that something is special, you have to tell them. If it’s subtle… like ‘I’m really looking forward to this!’ or you can spell it out like ‘listen this is really important to me and it would mean a lot to me if you acknowledged it” and for the most part, people …