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[ 12 Jan 2012 | 2 Comments ]

This year I guess an un-said resolution is to cook more at home. I was cooking more when our CSA was in season but even then I’m not naturally a recipe follower. I’m more of a ‘throw everything in a pot and see what happens’ kind of cook. Luckily JCPE loves soup that’s simply whatever veggies I have and some broth simmered for a while.
While exploring the crock pot I discovered some Indian recipes I wanted to try, the aforementioned Tikka Masala was awesome. I decided that if I wanted to get serious I …

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[ 1 Jan 2012 | No Comment ]
chicken mmm

And it tasted like Chicken Tikka Masala! I’ve been experimenting with Indian food and with my Slow Cooker and I found a few awesome recipes on Pintrest (which I also love and find it’s a great place to store my recipes the things I’ve found there I’ve actually made, which is a miracle for internet food browsing).
The thing about Indian food is that you need to do a lot of shopping before you can get started. You can walk into any kitchen and make something taste Italian or Mexican or …

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[ 12 Sep 2011 | No Comment ]

A few weeks ago Evelyn’s awesome parents had Juan and I over for dinner to celebrate our wedding and her father brought out a course guide from the Institute of Culinary Education. We’re pretty sure that it was a ploy to get Evelyn and I to take a Knife Skills class so that we stop cutting ourselves, aaand we’ll do that eventually!
In the interim I took Old Time Savory Canning with Chef Daniel Stone and it was amazing! I always get that weird feeling when I walk into something new …

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[ 10 Jul 2011 | No Comment ]

Sometimes I take off my wedding ring and put my engagement ring on alone and try to remember the two months or so that I just wore the engagement ring and it’s hard to even remember. That was only 5 months ago. It feels like forever.

This weekend JCPE worked for hopefully the last full weekend in a while (ie: morning – 3am both days) so I’ve been home. I finished Twin Peaks, I made two curtains and re-covered two pillows (and stared at my couch for a while trying to …

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[ 22 Jun 2011 | No Comment ]
Picture 3

So JCPE and I are enjoying a romantic evening at home watching “Machete” a totally ridiculous movie where the LEAST believable thing is tied between Jessica Alba having any ability to pronounce words en Espanol with an accent and someone allowing Jessica Alba to be a federal agent (and seriously, Steven Segal has an accent in this movie and I’m pretty sure they just crucified Cheech).
More importantly we just had a nice dinner.
We went from having ZERO foods, I was home sick last week and had tuna and pasta for …

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[ 2 Mar 2011 | No Comment ]

I have a crazy crazy urge to take a ton of pictures. First it was snow and now it’s canned things! I should have started my photoshop class last night but I totally didn’t. I’m a bum. Instead I chopped up basil with oil to freeze it before it all went bad and cleaned the apartment. It’s like being in college, anything to not do work!
I think about my college apartment all the time, I can’t believe I lived there by myself for two years. What a crazy time in …

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[ 25 Feb 2011 | No Comment ]

[Ed note: if you were to go to my house right now and look at the disaster it is you would call me a liar for what I'm about to write here. Literally I have dirty clothes on top of my ironing board in the living room... and JCPE started this new thing where he folds his dirty socks up like they're clean and throws them in random corners! yay! Co-habitation, habitation . living.)

My kitchen is SMALL. Not the smallest I've seen in NYC (my bathroom IS the smallest I've ...

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[ 25 Jan 2011 | No Comment ]

I ate a bagel so fast this morning that by the time I remembered to take a picture of my delicious bagel, it was gone. So here’s the coffee I’m drinking. Diet = no milk. Right before the holidays JCPE bought us an exercise bike, initially he wanted to get two and forgo the living room all together, but we compromised on one. It’s AMAZING. At first I was having issues JUST being on the bike because I’m a legit crazy person and can’t JUST ride a bike and watch …

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[ 12 Jan 2011 | No Comment ]

Last night I pickled and canned for the first time. It went like this… I make homemade soup for JCPE all the time. He calls it peasant soup since there is no recipe, it’s just literally whatever we have in the kitchen thrown in a pot to simmer for a while. Any veggies fresh or frozen, maybe some beans, maybe some cous cous really whatever. I also add a few bullion cubes for flavor but they have SO much sodium and they feel creepy and fake to me all of …