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[ 24 Sep 2012 | No Comment ]
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It’s Monday. I don’t have a job.
For the first time in an exceptionally long time I am going to be job searching without having a job to go to everyday. I am extraordinarily lucky to have spent the past few years at a place that gave me the chance to save a little so I can take some time to figure out what I want to do with the rest!
Mostly I’m worried about starving to death. Or finding a way to balance that fine line between not spending a lot of money …

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[ 3 Jan 2012 | No Comment ]

#1 Resolution is to stop typing 20120 – WHY do my fingers always add that extra 0? Am I preparing for some massive time travel? Eek I don’t want to go that far! Will there be air? Will I have to leave Earth? I’m not going.
Resolutions are whatever you make of them. I might not do everything but I like the idea of making a list of goals. Last year it was to wear fancy shoes more often and I think I accomplished that goal! This year I’m going a little deeper:
Taylor’s …