Sweet Dreams

Let the anxiety dreams begin!

I've had a few 'wedding jitter' dreams in the past but last night's tops them all! In it, we went to the pier to do the ceremony and I FORGOT THE RINGS -->> ahhhhh so JCPE was calm as always and he went to go get them then we did the ceremony (and all the while I'm pretty sure we're being 'found out') but for some reason we weren't on the boat yet... so then I looked at my watch and it was EIGHT PM!! The boat leaves at 2:30!!! And I was freaking out (how, exactly did we lose 6 hours!?) ahhh

Luckily, as of right now we're ok... and JCPE assured this nervous bride-to-be that we'll get there early (although, clearly that means he hasn't read the team schedule that I sent out yesterday haha). I even got a confirmation call from NY Water Taxi this morning (the girl was amused when I told her the dream!)

Fabric is in, decorations to be made this (thankfully) long weekend!



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