I got upset the other day because it was FREEZING in our house and I don't own any long-sleeved things anymore, just blazers. We've been giving away a lot of clothes we don't wear and I somehow left myself with a ton of sundresses and blazers... nothing casual, very little long sleeved.

Today photographer Lauren Colchamiro who took pictures of JCPE for The Daily Brink a while ago asked for Yelp help and I clicked through to her profile and found this:

I swooned.

It reminded me of how I went to the GAP during the before holiday sales and picked out 2 for $30 sweaters, and there wasn't much happening at work so I was taking my time, an dhow it really took a long time to find the right ones. I ended up both itchy because I'm allergic to most sweater materials and covered in fuzz from throwing myself onto the pile of mens sweaters a few times to find the right one.

Juan and I never wait until the actual holidays to give each other gifts. Even if I can manage to get a few gifts wrapped and in a pile I still give them to him one at a time in the days before leaving us with heartfelt hugs and cards on the actual holiday. I'm so glad I gave JCPE all the spices and popcorn flavors I bought him for Valentine's day about a week before because they would have felt downright silly after all that amazing Valentine's day I got!

I need to get JCPE a wedding outfit... 2 months from now we'll be on a plane to our honey moon!! eeek!
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