Ring Re-Sized!

yay! Finally got my ring re-sized! I casually mentioned the other day that it falls off sometimes and can fit on my middle finger and my co-workers flipped out! KW was like  OMG GET A CHAIN IMMEDIATELY!!! So I put it on my middle finger for the day! Then I obessivly googled NYC jewelers and I found Hachick! I emailed him, because I hate the phone [side note: today my phone rang and I yelled WHAT CENTURY DO WE LIVE IN! and turned my ringer off. Not the best office behavior] and he had an aol email with is code for 'don't email me' so of course he emailed back and told me to call him. I went to his tiny shop in a freaky section of the jewelry district and I left my  engagement ring with him! With a STRANGER! Panic ensued. What if he steals the diamond? What if the REAL Hachik was taking a break and a stranger broke into his office, put on his special jewelry goggles and was just collecting rings until he got back? What if the building explodes and we have to search through the rubble? The police SO wouldn't let me do that!! Luckily, I'm crazy, so none of that actually happened. I called before I left work, he called me 10 minutes later to make sure I was on my way. When I got in he and a younger man (maybe his son) were smoking cigars and hanging out. The ring is perfect! Fits perfectly, snug that it stays on and won't fly off if I make quick hand gestures! Yay! Pfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew better! His motto is "If I can't fix it, it can't be fixed" seriously, that's written on his card. http://www.thejewelrysetter.com/
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