Registry is done!

We did it on Sunday and I'm telling you this for a totally random reason... this happened today:

Julia: i need a mixer - i freaking made that cake last night with my own bear (ha) hands
me: awww - well I'll get married and get a mixer and I'll pass my old one on to you!(hahahahhahahahhaha)
Julia: why dont you just register for 2 mixers
me: haha
Julia: (make mine mint green)

hahah! Literally I've been meaning to blog about how the funnest part of the registry was going through the KitchenAid mixers and agreeing immediately on Pistachio! Sorry Hanes, we picked it out days ago!

The registry has been something that we've gone back and forth with but decided that it makes the most sense to give our guests a guide. Initially we bought a book on eloping that ended up being really outdated (like, it listed websites, I feel like any book that lists websites doesn't totally understand the internet). However, some of the advice was solid and the question of a registry brought up some really good points. Are we getting married to get gifts? Of course not. I don't want to over-explain the registry, it exists (this is so hard to write! where is all this guilt coming from!!?) we appreciate our friends and family for a myriad of reasons, and that is all.


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