Reception postponed due to Hurricane

Seriously. And you know, we had an earthquake on Tuesday and a hurricane on Sunday? Hells Bells that's pretty weird, right? Up until about Thursday at 3pm I didn't even think that we would have to cancel our reception. Most stuff is done, Caleb and Matt were in town (thankfully, there were only two out of towners) the photographer was booked, as was the bartender. We planned to go to Costco at 12 on Sat, to dinner with friends at 6 and then come home to do last minute prep! I thought, oh, it may rain I should put my sail boat hat on when we get there and we'll have to find somewhere to put the umbrellas etc...

But! Alas, by the afternoon on Friday the subways were planned to be closed by 12 on Saturday and people were evacuating lower levels of Manhattan. So, today we're home we put all the stuff from the basement in the living room and I've filled every plastic container we own with water so that we'll be able to keep the fridge cold if the power does go out.

At first I was really upset. Going back to my usual complaint when something like this happens 'nothing good ever happens to me.' Because I need to be upset for a little while when stuff like this happens. Even though I KNOW it's fine, we hadn't bought the food, the place will change the date for free. Plus, we're ALREADY married that's the most important thing like, ever.

So, we're ok. A little stir crazy staying home all weekend but totally ok. We will let you all know when we reschedule the party and it will be just as fun!

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