Pregnant and tired and learning stuff.

Ok - so I was reading the internet. Specifically, Man Repeller - because I'm not reading the news these days. Leandra is a hero obviously. When I read her post on mirror selfies and how it happened that during her 30 day selfie challenge she had something really sad happen - and learned to look at herself again. To really see herself. I thought I should do that, at least catalogue my last few weeks of my last pregnancy. 

It's been three days. 
This happened on day two.


I'M SORRY ONLY TWO INSTAGRAM LIKES IN OVER 24 HOURS!!! One being my husband who was coerced into liking it via slack when it sat unliked for HOURS. 

Ok well I learned something already - the internet hurts my feelings sometimes in ways I thought I was too cool for.

Just one more trimester to go! 

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