Party People!

I haven't felt like I've seen my husband in like, months. I can't believe that we're not even at our two-month-aversery! We're not, we're less than. There's A LOT of stuff that we need to do that I need him to do, like get me into USAA so I can get a sweet new ATM card that doesn't charge me $7 to use an ATM (I'm looking square into your eyes, citibank). Actually, do you have speakers or headphones? Please click on this and wiggle with me while you read! Thank you to Julia for the wiggling song. So, besides hanging up the print of the painting we got engaged in front of (even though one of us ordered the print, got it framed, bought a stud finder and stuck said stud finder on the wall [not before chasing the other around the apt yelling 'I'm going to fiiiiind you!'] and is just waiting for the other to act. At this point it's a matter of principle), we are going to start planning our party! (you're dancing aren't you?) August 28, NYC! woot! Details will come together this week! We're meeting with our personal event planner this evening to talk options. We don't have a ton of money, and as much as I bitch about cash bars at weddings... welllll we'll just have to weigh our options! But basically, I'm pretty excited to celebrate yet again! The December party is tentatively set for Dec 10 in Las Vegas, but we need to do some serious money talkin' before we get that one set... We might have some money issues coming up, so we might have to stay in Astoria and push the December party back. But, no cause for alarm, it's much more of a happy reason not to have so much cash-ola. It's a lifestyle thing... see where I'm going? So, we'll have to see! Any excuse to get together with loved ones I will happily take! ps. I just had to edit this like 95 times because it made even less sense than it did now! I got turned down yesterday for a volunteer writing position. If anyone seriously wants to tell me what I can be when I grow up I would love that.
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