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[ 16 Feb 2012 | No Comment ]


I don’t know why anyone uses Photoshop when clearly Paint can do everything that photoshop can! This is a simulated picture of me on V-day. I f-ed up and I’m still not over it.
JCPE is perfect. He bought me a beautiful necklace that says ‘loved.’ Holy hell am I lucky that I am because someone in my house is a hot mess right now (hint: it’s me). I couldn’t decide what to do… I was thinking I want to do something silly romantic, like the male equivalent of flowers! Then I …

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[ 25 Jan 2012 | No Comment ]
Muppet Movie

So! We saw this nearly 2 weeks ago and I have yet to comment on it! For shame.
The best part of The Muppet Movie was that we went to see it on a Friday night before MLK weekend and it was PACKED. Regal Cinema put it in the smallest theater they had and it was packed to the gills. We had the seats right around the ‘bend’ so it was ammusing to watch couple after couple enter the theater and go “What the hell!?!” and then have to sit in …

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[ 12 Jan 2012 | 2 Comments ]

This year I guess an un-said resolution is to cook more at home. I was cooking more when our CSA was in season but even then I’m not naturally a recipe follower. I’m more of a ‘throw everything in a pot and see what happens’ kind of cook. Luckily JCPE loves soup that’s simply whatever veggies I have and some broth simmered for a while.
While exploring the crock pot I discovered some Indian recipes I wanted to try, the aforementioned Tikka Masala was awesome. I decided that if I wanted to get serious I …

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[ 6 Jan 2012 | No Comment ]

I need a new hobby. I often think that I could have been really good at a lot of things… but something always stood in my way. Something of course being how terrible I feel about myself all the time. For a large part of my life I wanted to work in fashion and I worked a lot on my own making gifts for friends and teaching myself how to use the sewing machine. I had an etsy store for a little while but I was embarrassed about it. I wasn’t a …

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[ 3 Jan 2012 | No Comment ]

#1 Resolution is to stop typing 20120 – WHY do my fingers always add that extra 0? Am I preparing for some massive time travel? Eek I don’t want to go that far! Will there be air? Will I have to leave Earth? I’m not going.
Resolutions are whatever you make of them. I might not do everything but I like the idea of making a list of goals. Last year it was to wear fancy shoes more often and I think I accomplished that goal! This year I’m going a little deeper:
Taylor’s …

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[ 3 Jan 2012 | No Comment ]

Hello! Here they are the pictures from our Vegas wedding reception:

woo hoo! They’re great. We had a great time dancing all night, that conga was really early.
My friend Lia took the pictures after I asked on Facebook if anyone was around to take pictures at the wedding for not-that-expensive. She did a great job!
Quick fun story that I love. Lia is the wife of my friend Josh… who was the first boyfriend I ever had, ever. In high school, for about 7 days. I think maybe we held hands once. …

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[ 1 Jan 2012 | No Comment ]
chicken mmm

And it tasted like Chicken Tikka Masala! I’ve been experimenting with Indian food and with my Slow Cooker and I found a few awesome recipes on Pintrest (which I also love and find it’s a great place to store my recipes the things I’ve found there I’ve actually made, which is a miracle for internet food browsing).
The thing about Indian food is that you need to do a lot of shopping before you can get started. You can walk into any kitchen and make something taste Italian or Mexican or …

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[ 30 Dec 2011 | One Comment ]
the artist

We have a few resolutions for 2012, we started one a day early! We’re going to go to the movies every other Friday for the entire year. That’s 24 Fridays! I’m looking forward to seeing foreign films as well as blockbusters!

We started with the movie that I knew I was going to love from one view of the preview.
There are few things about me you should know:
- I love Singin’ in the Rain
- I love the Charleston
- I love thinking that I might be able to someday do the Charleston
- …

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[ 23 Dec 2011 | No Comment ]

Merry Christmas Friends & Family!
Well Christmas is this weekend and boy am I glad that we started our e-holiday card tradition last year so people know what to expect this year!
On December 31, 2010 Juan Carlos and I spent a quiet New Year’s Eve at home. We also made the first of many wedding planning phone calls. Juan Carlos was on the phone and I remember very clearly watching him from the kitchen, hands clasped together smiling from ear to ear with my brand new ‘we’re really doing this’ smile.
We …

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[ 5 Dec 2011 | No Comment ]
At my 24th birthday party in 2006 when we had been dating just a few weeks

This is us at my 24th birthday a few weeks after we started dating.

In the beginning of 2010 (before we planned to elope) a friend asked me what my plans were for 2011. I said, very casually, well I’m going to get married. Get married, I did! To say that the wedding has consumed me would be an understatement. I feel like my head is a cloud and everything is foggy and fuzzy and in the middle is a clear picture of JCPE.
This year was for us.
Every night I look …