our friend died.



This week was crazy with ups and downs. 

- The week started off with a friend sharing that she had a miscarriage 

- Then Juan got some good news at work

- Then we bought a house

- Then our friend Jiun died

And everything stopped. The highs and lows of this week are just too much. I'm sick to my stomach - I'm devastated - I'm lonely and I'm so sad. 

Jiun was a light. She was one of the only people who truly loved both me and Juan separately - and was so happy for us when we became a couple. She loved Florence.

She was special for a million reasons - my favorite is how she made me feel. She always encouraged me to be creative she always encouraged me to be my best. It didn't matter that we were at opposite ends of the country - every time she was here or I was there we had time to get together. Even if it was between other commitments she always stopped by where I was to say hello.

When I started doing political stuff a lot of my friends didn't attend any of my events. Which is fine - not everyone is political. But I was always a little hurt - like if I were in a band you'd all come to see me -- this is my band. But Jiun was always there. She came to events and debates and meetings. 

I have more to share that I will share on http://www.jiunkwon.com/

I just loved her so much. 


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