One Step At a Time!

Just one!

If I keep saying OMG it titles nobody is ever going to read them! Is anyone reading this? I assumed that someone will find it eventually!

Getting married is expensive! The wedding part is going pretty smoothly actually! We're going to secure... get this... A WATER TAXI! Just for us! Amazing!

So funny and great way to spend the day on the NY Harbor which we have always loved oh so much! The party part, that's the part that I'm a little overwhelmed about! I need to talk to my mom about it, we keep saying August, but I imagine that it'll get pushed back from that because August is closer than we think! I love September, I love the idea of a Sunday... we'll just have to see! I'm ok.

I keep WANTING to worry about the event itself... but Taylor, one step at a time, that's why we're separating everything like this in the first place! The most important thing is to BE married! Once that is set we'll be golden and we can actually start big picture planning in May!
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