On Life & Death

This weekend I have to go to a friend's father's funeral. The past two years have begun for us with January funerals. It's such a transitional time and such a strong event to begin the year with. In Committed one thing that she said that really struck me was when she considered a small private more elopey wedding and her young niece wasn't comfortable with that. She wanted an event. This is why, Liz explains, her grandfather told her to always go to funerals. It's not for you, it's not for the deceased, it's for the loved one to see you and register that you were there. So that when you run into them on the street or at a party they don't have to tell you the news. They know that you know. The same goes for a wedding, there's that weird look you give people who were married who's weddings you didn't attend like "oh yes hi oh omg congratulations!" JCPE and I are going to get that a lot. The first few weeks are going to be intense. A lot of yes, and really, no no REALLY. I'm grateful today for the opportunity to be married in private and celebrate with you all at a later date. Life, as it turns out, is too short not to celebrate, too short not to love, and too short not to attend.
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