omg I'm so tired!

Tired in a way that I've never ever been before - and I've had Mono! hahahah

5 weeks today - very very nervous - very very sensitive. Sipping ginger beer and lighting candles so that every thing that smells horrible will go away. 

Started writing a journal to the baby - I love it and I want to hug it and I can't wait for the baby to read it - in like what - 5 years? When do people learn to read? 4? 

I bought my first baby thing this week - for the baby's room (half the office? How much room to they need? I can't wait for someone to come and help us figure that out!) I've always wanted this when we had a baby - I think it sets the tone.


Via The Geekerie on Etsy.
From our favorite ever, Moss

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