Old Time Savory Canning at ICE!

A few weeks ago Evelyn's awesome parents had Juan and I over for dinner to celebrate our wedding and her father brought out a course guide from the Institute of Culinary Education. We're pretty sure that it was a ploy to get Evelyn and I to take a Knife Skills class so that we stop cutting ourselves, aaand we'll do that eventually!

In the interim I took Old Time Savory Canning with Chef Daniel Stone and it was amazing! I always get that weird feeling when I walk into something new like I want to run away. In a 'fight or flight' scenario I'm a flight kinda girl. But, obviously it's a cooking class it's not the end of the world and I need to learn some breathing exercises. An hour of instruction and canning explanation later I'm standing across from my partner (who btw has taken more than 300 classes in the past three years at ICE) wearing a white apron and starring at 12 cups of watermelon rind trying to double 2T as fast as I can (it's 4T I was in a panic, but I figured it out).

Over three hours later my partner and I had canned watermelon rind, dill pickles, cocktail onions and a ton of chow chow (a relish... I don't know what to do with relishes really but now I have a TON!).


I loved it! Maybe it's just the feeling of being in a kitchen that's bigger than a hallway, and all of the pots and pans and the man who (god bless him) washes the dishes as you cook! Amazing.

The Chef made us snacks, a fantastic watermelon salad and an egg pasta. Plus, people kept stopping by with food "oh hey we just made these sliders" "oh hi I have a gigantic bowl of popcorn I just seasoned." By the end of the night we were rushing to get things finished and I'm not gonna lie I felt a little Top Chefish trying to clean things up and yelling to my partner across the room "I've got the sterilized jars!" while she yells "The water is boiling!" from across the kitchen. Ok, maybe we weren't supposed to yell but I promise I walked carefully and held my knife the right way when I walked.

By far one of the most fun Thursday nights I've had in a while!

Looking forward to taking more classes! Anyone want to join me?
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