Ok parents! What do we need to register for?

I'm ready for all of the advice!


There are three things on our Amazon registry so far - (HERE) - but obviously there is so much stuff and so many options! We don't want to get a lot of crap that we won't need in the end - so that's why I'm reaching out to all of the awesome parents that I know! 

I would love to know what you loved and hated in baby carriers / crib things / feeding things / bottles / clothes / just anything and everything! 

Angelica - Diapers and wipes....we have gone through so many and she is only a month! Also, swaddling blankets. I love the brand Miracle Blanket. The blanket is pretty much swaddling for dummies and swaddling helps the baby sleep longer and helps prevent them from waking from their own sudden movements. A swing and bouncer are also items I couldn't live without. You can't have enough burp clothes/receiving blankets too. If you aren't breastfeeding little things like a formula dispenser make life easier when out and about. I hope these help!

Janine - A boppy!
Snap n go car seat. DIAPERS galore!!!!!!!!!!
A good monitor.
A swing.

Anything to make your life easier. Simplistic. And quick.

A babysitter. A massage.

Phil - And wine; too. Right? @janine

Loni - I have to say that for Emma I had a ton of new stuff and for Cooper most has been second hand... And guess what, it makes no difference lol, anything you don't get from your registry, look for second hand (of course check for safety recalls etc) I also think all babies are different ie kelly loves her high chair, I felt like it took too much space and went with a booster.... Kelly loved the ergo carrier, waiting for Cooper to like it still haha... Things I do love though, wet frozen wash cloth works well as a teether... Onesies are great... Accessories are awesome ... A good stroller that works for your lifestyle ... When Emma got bigger I loved the city mini bc it folds w one hand and is super light but for Cooper I got a second hand britax b-ready that has a second seat for Emma and it's huge and bulky and heavy but fits my needs perfectly... Cooper loves his binky Emma loves her thumb lol

Loni - Waste of money (in my opinion) wipe warmers, diaper disposal things, bottle sterilizers...

Loni - Love my pack and play, excersaucer (sp?), recaro car seat when she get older,

Janine - Second hand all the way!!

Becca - A baby carrier! I used the Ergo with Everett but got a Beco Gemini for #2. We went with a regular audio monitor (no video) but I know that's a hot topic. A white noise machine. Way more burp cloths than you think. Those little shirts for newborns that have the snaps on the sides (good for until the belly button is healed). Mirror for the carseat in the car. Aden and Anais swaddling blankets, they make a bamboo version that is so soft you'll never want to stop touching it. A bouncy seat for the floor. A rock n play. Everett never cared for our swing but loved the bouncy seat and rock n play. Honest company body wash (for baby and you!) Dangling things for the carseat arm. A play mat. Soft books. Changing mat w at least 3 covers. Diaper organizer caddy thing. We have 2, one for the bedroom and one for the main living area.

Chrissy - What I recommend:
Ergo baby carrier
Muslin blankets (Aiden & anais are my favorite!)
A good breast pump(you usually get a fee one from your insurance co)
Rock and play sleeper: it was awesome for the bedside to sleep in instead of a bassinet and helps with colicky and gerd babies because it is on an incline

What you don't need:
Wipe warmer
Baby bjorn
Bottle warmer(use the micro to boil water then place bottle in)

Loni - Def second the playmat... The boppy can help w tummy time and some playmats come w the small banana pillow to help w tummy time... Agree w swing as well...

CJ - Posted on your site. Also love the Becco Gemini & enjoyed wraps when he was smaller.

Loni - Also second the good breast pump... I had Aetna and they sent me a free medela ... Worked amazingly well and I exclusively pumped as long as I could

Janine - Clothes with zippers.
Not buttons.

And Learn to swaddle with any blanket! A snug warm fed baby is a happy baby.

Becca - Oh and don't go crazy for one type of bottle. She might not care for a certain kind and you'll be stuck with a bunch. Get a few different kinds and then when you know what she likes you can get more. We breast fed but did bottles of pumped milk when I wasn't able to be there as needed.

Chrissy - She won't need much the first few weeks as far as clothes go--the clothes I would stick to would be onesies and sleepers for the first month. It's tempting to dress your baby up but it's not practical.

Chrissy - Anddd...let me know if you're interested in cloth diapering! I can tell you all about it! I also recommend prefolds for burp cloths. The soak up so easily!

Loni - For you, make sure you take a ton of the hospital stuff (they have the best snot suckers) also if you have a vaginal delivery then take a lot of the dermo? Spray, witch hazel pads, and the cream they give you... For a c-section get a good boppy to support you and granny panties that won't rub your incision... I've done both deliveries if you want to call me on my opinions there, I have many haha

Brandi - Bouncy seat, swing, baby carrier for sure! (I have the Moby), swaddlers & burp cloths galore, diapers & wipes & diapers & wipes & DIAPERS & WIPES (seriously make this a part of your shower where every guest brings a pack), baby monitor, baby medicine kit (it makes taking medicine SO much easier when it's via a tiny baby bottle), nipple cream if you're planning to breastfeed, gloves for his/her hands (they tend to scratch themselves for a little while) and some kind of white noise (either a machine or an app on your smartphone).

Janine - True! Hospitals will give you the best snot suckers!

NIPPLE SHEILD saved my life. Take all u can from hospital.

Loni - I also made/make their baby food w the beaba and I love it... I know you can accomplish the same thing w a steamer and processor or blender (If you have them stick to them) but since I didn't have them I love that I can do it all w one machine ... I have the storage containers (or you can use ice cube trays) to store the food and it makes life easier... Plus I get grossed out w jarred meat so it's nice to know exactly what they are eating... Not a necessity but for me I love it and it saves $ bc it's cheaper than buying all of those jars

Loni - YES nipple shield a definite help!

Jason - Prada, Dior, Versace, Gucci...

CJ - Mother love nipple cream. Don't read a book on delivering like I did - read one on breast feeding. And take an infant CPR class before giving birth.

Jennifer - In the first two months of the twins life these have been the most used/favorite: miracle blanket, colic calm, rock n play sleeper, Aden and Anais muslin blankets, Aden and Anais dribble bibs and cloth wipes. If you're into cloth diapering, we've had a good experience with the bum genius elementals. You'll go thru 8-10 diapers a day in the beginning. It's insane!

Rebecca - 1. Diapers/wipes - not too many super small ones like newborn and ones since they grow so quickly and I liked having various brands until you find the best one.
2. Boppy with a couple covers
3. Baby carrying things. I used baby k'tan when jake was small and ergo as he's grown.
4. Muslin swaddling blankets/stretchy cotton swaddlers.
5. Rock n play
6. Anthony loved zip up sleepers and hated the snapping ones
7. Various diaper rash creams
8. Swing/bouncer that plugs into the wall instead of batteries
9. Non spring crib mattress (ikea)
10. Rocking chai

For mama:
-Comfy pjs, slippers that you feel ok with wearing at the hospital.
-Lansinoh/coconut oil for nipples (if breastfeeding)
-Breast pads. I liked Johnson and Johnson and lansinoh, but there are some good reusable options out there too. (Breast milk or formula feeding. )
-a good breast pump. Most insurances are covering them now though so check before you register. Medela double electric if you can get it (symphony, freestyle, pump in style respectively if you can pick) (if breastfeeding)
I noticed someone mentioned the beaba cook. I was super excited for mine and then ended up doing baby led weaning. It does work well to make food, but it's pricey and I kinda wish I had gotten diapers instead. Let me know if you want me to send mine your way!

I would love to chat with you about the rationale for some of this stuff and catch up!

Alicia - If you are going to register for a swing or wearable carrier, or bassinet keep the receipts. Every baby is different and some love swings and some hate them. Some babies love being worn and some babies hate it some babies can sleep flat in a bassinet, some babies need to sleep upright in a swing or rock n play. I have so much that I don't use and now I can't return it because I put it together and threw out the boxes. Nipple shields are only used for babies who have difficulty latching and can be a detriment to breast feeding if used without guidance from a lactation consultant so don't even worry yourself with those. Don't register for newborn sizes...the baby may be born already too big for them. Don't even register for clothes...people will buy you a ton of clothes regardless. Check with your insurance if they cover a breast pump (if you plan on breast feeding). My insurance covered in full and now I have two breast pumps. I got the dropcam instead of a video baby monitor and love it. Get a few big muslin swaddles. They serve multiple purposes (swaddle, burp cloth, play mat). I use my activity mat a lot and it folds up. Actually anything that folds up and can be stored away is great!

Rebecca - I just remembered I obsessed about finding the perfect crib skirt like a crazy person. It was on the crib briefly, and it was useless. This story is less about crib skirts and more about staying sane when planning and buying baby stuff.

My mama - Looks like your friends have it covered sweetie. All I can say is less is better. I wish I had not had soooo much for you all. Not necessary and used for such a brief time. Definitely agree with Chrissy on the diapers. Cloth were amazing and made great burp cloths. YOU loves the swing. It was the only way you would nap. Blair did not like it so who knows. Oh hope you can learn to drive or Juan will have to go on some long rides with Florence. Sometimes that was my saving grace. You all loved sleeping in the car seat. I love you and with such great friends and your family it sounds like you and Florence will not want for anything. I love youuuuu

Jackie - I can't live without our ergo carrier. Had moby carrier when he was tiny. And I bought a glider and ottoman on a whim and thankfully it is very comfy but you will spend HOURS a day in that thing so make sure you love it. A hanging organizer for the closet was clutch. Boogie wipes and saline spray. Take as much stuff home from hospital as possible - ask for freebies of gel nipple pads, lanolin, diapers, etc. I even got a free hand pump. And don't waste your money on a baby tub. They sell foam pads for sink that you can use later on to kneel on when baby transitions to regular tub. Good nursing bras. A mid size diaper bag for everyday use and a bigger backpack for longer trips or travel. Don't get scammed with a baby food maker - get a magic bullet and use the plastic snap and lock food storage containers from grocery store. Same thing and half the price because not marketed for "baby." And I would say don't go nuts because you never know what the baby will or won't like. Buy a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Babies r us lets you exchange anything on your registry without a receipt which is great too.

Indika - Less is better... Don't buy a baby bathtub. We just got like a baby lounger thing that goes in the bathtub for Pres and it was so much better. Rent a breast pump from the hospital.. The good ones at the store are ridic expensive. People are goin to buy you a ton of clothes so don't stress about that. I hated the wearing the baby things personally... Baby swings are amazing! Both girls would nap in them for long times... We had a bassinet in our room for the first 3 months so we didn't stress about the baby room at first....take a baby CPR class and birthing class... I got these nursing tank tops that were amazing.. The top unsnapped and just folded down for quick access and you don't have to take off your whole shirt.. I lived in those things for the first little while... Don't stock up on too many newborn clothes... The biggest section you need to get started is 3-6 mos and 6-9 mos... Both my kids were too big for newborn clothes. Dr. Brown bottles are the best for baby gas problems although they are a pain in the butt to clean!! Well that's all for now but I'll let you know if I think of more:)

Annie - digital ear thermometer

Violet - Less is more. Don't clutter your house with large things for baby. Just stick with good quality basics! Muslin blankets, good nursing bras, good nursing pillow, peaceful baby music, good stroller, cloth diapers are also fun and addicting!

Alicia - I just checked your registry. I have the same pack n play. It's a good one...no bells and whistles and reasonably priced. Not sure what you plan on baby sleeping in when first born. Many babies will sleep in bassinet insert in pack n play HOWEVER this pack n play does not have that FYI. It's also 4 am here and I'm up with Liam so make sure you have a boppy and very comfortable rocking chair. You'll be spending ALOT of time in it.

Lisa - I second most of what people have said... Love the Aden and Anais swaddle blankets... We have used those every night since Grayson was born. If you are breastfeeding, Alicia is right, a rocking chair/glider is a life (and back) saver. I have a boppy pillow but found that there wasn't enough support so I got the "my Brest friend" pillow. It's a ridiculous name but I like it a lot better than the boppy. It's really all a matter of personal preference. We love the rock and play, and have a swing and bouncy seat, though Grayson is just starting to like the bouncy seat at 3.5 months old. Babies can be very particular about things so I agree that you should keep the receipts to the big items.

Lisa - Also register for a bunch of different types of bottles so you can figure out what works best for your baby. Different bottles have different shaped nipples and your baby can have a preference. We had medela, nuk, avent and Dr. Browns bottles. We use Dr. Browns because it helps to slow Grayson down when drinking a bottle, and he hasn't had any issues with spitting up.

Lisa - Okay one more thing... When registering for the crib bedding, try not to pick one that has crib bumpers because you can't use them for a long time for safety reasons.

CJ - Agree w Lisa on my Brest Friend pillow. I did end up also buying a Boppy for its original purpose: to help with tummy time.

Jessica - Target brand unscented wipes are the best. Huggies diapers suck...Pampers are great! Burp rags a must and now they make cute ones. Changing table??? I think I used it once or twice...had it not been a dresser too it would have been a waste. A changing mat that is not too big and portable very helpful. Public restrooms are gross. Keep the booger sucker, nose aspirated, or as we call it booger ball that they have in the hospital....it is the best you will find. I still have mine. That's all for now...it has been so long...

Reena - Get your breast pump for free from obamacare. You just have to contact your insurance and find out what vendors they are working with. I got the medela pump this way and it is great. Also, swaddle me blankets saved our lives. Our baby is super active and breaks out of swaddles unless they are Velcroed. This and the halo sleep sack were essentials for keeping her asleep.

Heather - I second that...call your insurance! They have to give you a breast pump now since the ACA mandates it. Otherwise a swing, a bouncy/ vibrating seat, and a good stroller. Will loved to sleep on walks.

Sinead - Agree with most said. I would go with the Brest Friend, rather than the boppie. I had both because Juliana gave me her boppie. Boppie is good for baby to lounge on. If anyone is offering you anything, take it. This stuff gets used for such a short time. Amazon mom was a good deal a few years ago and saved our sanity. We got deliveries every day. One day I couldn't get out of the apartment there was so much stuff. I loved having the video monitor, but it's definitely a splurge. Mine was summer infant. Pack n play, car seat, snap n go. Side closing onesies or t shirts to start with. I got a three pack of side snappers and that's all he wore for a couple of weeks. If you are breastfeeding, try to avoid the bottle for a few weeks until you have breastfeeding established and if I were to do it again, I would have a lactation consultant come to my home after a week at home and before if you are feeling uncertain about it. Best money you will spend. One of the best things you can have is a supportive partner who will encourage you on the "I haven't slept more than two hours in weeks and my nipples are about to fall off" days. One of the biggest keys to breastfeeding success is a supportive partner. We know you have one,. Aiden and Anais blankets. Food...make food and freeze it, so that there is plenty there and you don't have to cook for a few weeks. Take the paper grannie panties from the hospital if they give them to you. I did not like the hospital snot suckers, but I liked the Nosefrida.

Al - Swing! Don't bother picking blankets or outfits, people will give you whatever and you'll love it anyway. Changing table. Crib. Stroller. A good quality food processor and some Mason jars. Walker. Boppy. Car seat. And a Whoozit toy.

Juliana - BOB Revolution Stroller, Ergo Carrier, Aden & Anais Muslim blankets, Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Juliana - Wine

Maureen - I wish I had made my own baby food. Better control over what is prepared and less crap than the brands in the store. Don't bother with toys! They would rather play with wooden spoons and pots and pans. Love the noise!

Sinead - I am sure you have freecycle.org out there...probably with a side of kale. You might find somebody getting rid of all their baby gear

Tylē - I don't know if it's been said or not but both my girls lived in gown onesies for awhile. Easy access to diapers in the middle of the night when you're sleepy and don't want to mess with buttons or zippers. I actually have quite a few of them that I'll be handing down to you along with some other things. Haha.

Leslee - Dearest Taylor: enjoy every minute and hug/ kiss and say I love you as much as possible! This is the greatest time of your life honey. Congratulations!

Jaslyn - Def take the Lamaze class with Juan, it helped prepare Alex when I was in labor he was calm n timed the contractions n knew when to take me to the hospital, def call me if u r gona breast fed I had so many issues, the onsies that flaps over to cover there hands is the best so they don't scratch their face. Avent bottles r good cuz the replicate the breast nipple. Help is great take it without hesitation ur first day back home u will need it n appreciate it so much after. Lots of burp cloths n bibs lots!!

Lily - For me it was a changing table for the baby and my back. I really loved it.

Erin - OK, I can't read through all of these comments to see if I'm repeating advice so sorry if I am but Id' say get as much as you can second hand with the exception of crib mattress. Also, an Ergo is worth every penny but the infant insert is awkward. If you can find a second hand baby bjorn or similar, use that for the first few months then switch to the Ergo. If you plan on breast feeding have a pump ( you can rent) in case you need it. Sometimes it just helps get your milk to come in. I found the special pillows to be a waste of money. Some sort of a co sleeper or "snuggle nest" is good to have but not necessary. Lots of cloth diapers for spit ups and a million onesies - especially if it is warm the baby will wear little else and people will give you way too many cute outfits anyway. An activity floor mat is good and some sort of a seat thingy. It becomes all about things to put the baby in. Lots of diapers and wipes and cream and a couple of bottles - don't buy too many because the baby probably wont like them and you will have to experiment with about 10 kinds before you find the right one. That's about it for the first little bit. I'm so excited for you!

Tracey - You will get a lot of stuff from the hospital. Take the officially free stuff, and ask the nurse and orderlies for whatever else they will give you. Lots of swaddling blankets - new babies poop right out the back of their diapers. Take the free formula - even if breast feeding goes great, you'll give it to a shelter. Get the bra that makes your breast pump hands free. It's like tube top with holes in it. Use a binder clip if its not tight enough. Yes, get a nipple shield. Life saver if you end up needing it, re-gift it if you don't. You definitely need an exersaucer. Extra points to any friend who buys it for you and assembles it.

Jim - The Miracle Blanket!!!! It is a must have! Read all the reviews in Amazon. Then get the book "The Happiest Baby on the Block." Learning the 5 S's enabled me to get my daughter from screaming bloody murder to near sleeping in 90 secs to 5 minutes.

Kate - I've found with my two kiddos that there's not a whole lot you *need*. ;) Some things I definitely recommend are: a BreastFriend (similar to a boppy, but better for nursing because of support), Ergo (if you're going to be a baby-wearer - I LOVED it), Aiden & Anais blankets (or similar - they're a great size and nice texture/weight).

It sounds like your friends gave you GREAT ideas and advice. :) I LOVED these books to prep: The Pregnancy Book: Month-by-Month, Everything You Need to Know From America's Baby Experts The Baby Book: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two (Revised and Updated Edition) Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth

Sleep as much as you can leading up to the birth! It's so exciting!

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