ohmygod SHOES

This is worth a whole post.

A new post, even though I told you earlier today that my were here.
I'm freaking out. I love my shoes.

So this has been a huge issue. I wanted awesome shoes that I could wear for a while (at least the hour that the ceremony is happening!) and I bought THESE Betsy Johnson ones TWICE! I thought I was being clever because the first pair was $120 but they were too small and the second was only $80 so I was like wow, this sale totally worked in my favor! But even with the bigger size, they're just not comfortable. I felt weird when I put them on. They were beautiful, but they weren't RIGHT.

So I have this gift card to neiman marcus and I tried to buy Ray Bans and it was a disaster and a half, basically what they had online didn't match what they ACTUALLY had, like the product didn't exist! Anyway, I was sad. Then I thought well maybe I can use my gc to get shoes, then they'll technically be free.

I ordered them (after days of the gc not working I finally im'ed a rep, who was very nice). THESE. NM is not a store that likes it's online shoppers (I might even say that it discourages online anything) so there are no alternate views, there are no videos... but. They sent them, and I got them, and I LOVE THEM.

I'm actually a bit giddy with excitement (can you tell?) I'm going to be like 7 feet tall.
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