NYC Wedding Pictures!

We had SUCH a great time at our wedding celebration on October 22nd! You might remember that we had to change the date due to Hurricane Irene, but like you have to tell yourself for all things ever, it worked out for the best!

The event was moved to a Sat night (what part of me thought I was young enough to go to work the day after my wedding, I don't know) and the guest list more or less evened out! We missed those of you who weren't able to make it!

I had one small breakdown on the way to Costco and I got unnaturally upset at someone who was walking RIDICULOUSLY slow once we were inside costco but other than that the process of getting to the event was fine! Even when the trader joes guy had to lower a case of wine into my lap in the front seat of our packed car!

We picked up Elizabeth and her awesome stash of party goods (ice buckets, wedding wish trees, lucite stands and more!) and headed downtown. If you haven't been to GreenSpaces (Broadway and Walker) you should go, but not to go in you should walk around the building to the coooooooooolest alley I've ever seen! Actually, the ONLY NYC alley I've ever seen. You usually can't even get back there because someone is always being murdered CSI:NY style, that's how cool it is.

So we loaded our stuff in the freight elevator that backs into the alley and we had just over an hour to get the room ready! Elizabeth, Julia, Allison, Evelyn, Victor, Dana & Nicole were life savers! They hung lights, put out food, set up the speakers and helped the bartender set up! Loni & TJ arrived a little later due to their baby girl accidentally grabbing the curling iron (been there! but I was a teenager) with cake-pops and a card box!

Guests arrived, there was dancing and mingling. We did an amazing first dance (JCPE is seriously the cutest) and then it was dance party all night long! We stayed a little later than planned and the staff at GreenSpaces helped us clean up and get everything into the car (still missing - scissors, serrated knife and condiment holders). The night was capped off by a JCPE sneak-attacking me with the cupcakes! My fault for not discussing 'not smushing my face with cake' earlier!

Then we headed to a nearby dive-bar for a few more cocktails before the night was over!

[ok, ok I also fell really hard, ok?! Is that what you wanted to hear? I wanted to surprise JCPE and meet him around the corner so I ran... and I BIT IT in my crazy heels. I hope someone somewhere saw me and that it made their night a little cheerier to see a huge blue ball of fluff tumble down the sidewalk!]

All in all it was a wonderful night! We couldn't have done it without our amazing friends who supported us and moved around their schedules to celebrate with us! Thank you all SO MUCH!

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