Movie Date Night #2: The Muppet Movie

So! We saw this nearly 2 weeks ago and I have yet to comment on it! For shame. The best part of The Muppet Movie was that we went to see it on a Friday night before MLK weekend and it was PACKED. Regal Cinema put it in the smallest theater they had and it was packed to the gills. We had the seats right around the 'bend' so it was ammusing to watch couple after couple enter the theater and go "What the hell!?!" and then have to sit in the front. I enjoyed the movie. A friend who shall not be named wouldn't shut up about how much she loved it... then when I told her I was going to see it she told me that it wasn't that good. haha which was a good thing because I'm all about managing expectations. The absolute best part is when they track down Skeeter and he's working at Google and is on his way out the door to a TED conference. Of course he is, he's so cute. Musically, there was a terribly awful rap that I don't even want to think about ever again. The best song was just nominated for an Oscar & it's by Bret McKenzie! This is a terrible review, I apologize. I wrote 'best part' twice! omg I'm tired and I feel like I'm writing from the mind of someone much lamer than myself! This week's will be better!    
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