Movie Date Night #1: The Artist

We have a few resolutions for 2012, we started one a day early! We're going to go to the movies every other Friday for the entire year. That's 24 Fridays! I'm looking forward to seeing foreign films as well as blockbusters!

We started with the movie that I knew I was going to love from one view of the preview.

There are few things about me you should know:

- I love Singin' in the Rain
- I love the Charleston
- I love thinking that I might be able to someday do the Charleston
- I love dressing up

These aren't key to loving The Artist but they help!

There is a point in the middle of the Artist where half the theater has dozed off (someone I know may be included in that) because there really are no words. During that point I thought... well, this is nice, I don't know if I'd do it again but it's ok. Now that it's been over for 2 hours I'd like to go again. Now maybe. Can I watch it again now? Can I have it on in the background whilst I live? If you're halfway through and you're not sure if you want to continue please do, it's worth it the last half is amazing.

I seriously would like to go again right now.

The first scene the actors are waiting for an applause. So, naturally you as an audience member are also waiting. Is it happening? Was the movie well received? You wait... and then yes! There is applause! But not outloud, you only know it because the faces of the actors feel the applause. It's the first time that you go "oh, it's a silent picture... we're really doing this. ok, let's go"

Since marrying a filmmaker I'm no film critic but I'm more aware of nuances then ever. I can say stuff seriously like - I really loved the cinematography in The Artist. & mean in. I mean it. This film is absolutely beautiful. For having the least amount of dialogue possible The Artist is so moving and so full of emotion and love and heartache. I don't even feel like I was in a theater, I sort of feel like I was there.

Last week JCPE and I had drinks at Dutch Kills, JCPE asked the bartender for something bourbon based that was delicious. The bartender delivered the Don Lockwood.  It was delicious and I spent the rest of the night alternating between 'And I caaaaaaaaaaaan't stand it!' and 'Dignity, Always Dignity' in my head. (seriously just rent singin' in the rain). Well I suggest without hesitation re-naming that sucker the 'George Valentin' (that smile! Ladies, you'll swoon) at least for a year or so.

Hey Hollywood! This is a feel-good movie without the cheeseball. You just feel awesome watching it and awesome afterwards. You probably won't cry but you'll laugh out loud (there's a dog that does tricks!) and you won't leave disappointed.

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