Millennial Train Brainstorm #2 - I have way too much stuff to do

Oh my god my face. I have so much to do. 

Sometimes it is hard to even list everything I have to do let alone put them in some sort of priority order! Last night as I was trying to sleep I was thinking about how I don't have 30 seconds to breathe until June. 

1. I love my job. I very very much want to be great at it - that takes a lot of my time - and a lot of trying to figure out how I can be honest and caring while also being successful. I believe in this - and I want that to come across. Sometimes I feel like I work always - but also I WANT to work always. Soooo I don't have an answer, I just know it is hard to manage.

2. Millennial Train - I want to go! I'm really really grateful that I have this opportunity to go on this amazing journey - I have 2 weeks left to raise almost $3,500 and I'm very excited but also a little nervous! I should be tweeting and writing blog posts and putting it out there I just haven't - and I'll pay for it if I don't! My coworker was just like 'Taylor you need to put it out there!' hahah I know how to online organize! I just need to do it.  

3. PPYP - I decided about 6 months ago that I needed an extra thing to do and I signed up to be a co-chair of Planned Parenthood's Bingo event in May. This was months ago! There is so much to do and I've been terrible and haven't done anything! I just had a long talk with the chairs of the board last night and there are a lot of auction items to secure and things to confirm - but nothing I can't handle. I just need to push my self to DO it. 

4. Health - this is 4th. Which isn't great. I tried for a few weeks to lower my medication because I - in spite of being  busy - am very happy - and that was a little bit of a setback as well. Teetering on that ledge of being depressed again was scary - and I'm glad I'm on the other side of that one. It is going to take things like exercising (I AM using my fitbit and it's hilarious and keeping me on my toes a little bit) and eating better and sleeping at all -- lots of  things -- but they never come first. 

5. Creativity - I want to be creative. I love reading and I even tried a little bit of writing (because I finally read 'on writing' hi Stephen! I love you) and I want to crochet things and there is wallpaper I'd like to put up and I hate all of my clothes. ha

MORE importantly than any of these numbers I'm married to someone amazing. Someone amazing who last night I went to dinner with and we just stared at each other with our eyes half open and talked about how much we want it to be the weekend - not like that matters we'll still work a lot this weekend. Then we both rushed home for 9pm phone calls - I did some cleaning and reading - he did some exercising. What I really want to do is just hang out with him. Look at his face and think loving things. 

PLUS I have a family & friends I want to see. LA Friends I should be hanging out with all the time, NY friends who I want to come visit, LV friends who we need to plan get aways with. I need to get my tickets to Prague to see Kincade. I should call my in-laws because I miss them. 

I guess the question is: How does anyone balance it all? 

Or at least get past the panic and actually DO stuff. 

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