Millennial Train 2014!

When I was little I had this opportunity to go on a trip to Greenland - I think - it's a weird fuzzy memory where I was supposed to submit an essay and I remembers someone calling me and asking me to finish the application and I didn't do it... I always regretted that. 

Now I have another opportunity for a trip of a lifetime. The Millennial Train is traveling from Los Angeles to Miami in March 2014 and I have the opportunity to be onboard! I also have the chance to create a project - something else that I didn't do. I wasn't ready to write a dissertation at the end of undergrad or grad school - but now I think I am.

Help me get on the train by sponsoring my trip HERE!

I'm looking forward to meeting with people and talking about the things that make me passionate - I'm very serious about my purpose being to help people get their ideas off the ground - people who never realized they needed to organize. I think I can put together something amazing - but I need your help.

I need to raise $5,000 in the next 44 days - any and all help is appreciated! I'm happy to get on the phone and talk more about what I'm looking to do!




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