So. I know that JCPE is the best, but sometimes, when I think about how amazing his family is I want to hug myself and say CONGRATULATIONS TAYLOR! You not only HAVE a great family but you're getting ANOTHER great family! Like, woah, that's way way more than a girl could ask for.

Lily posted the nicest thing ever on my facebook page today:

To Juan's Fiance, 

Hi! It is so fun to say fiance. We are so excited. Congratulation again on your engagement. The picture are so awesome. You guys are the prettiest couple ever. I am so happy that you found each other because you really complement each other beautifully. Welcome a million times to our family Taylorcita we love... all of you. We admire your leadership, talents ,brilliancy and the fun you bring to our family. Know we are complete. We definitely needed you.

Love always,


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