Mama Daughter Time - Day 1

photo_(3).JPGToday is our first day as mama and baby alone! Juan left this morning and went to NYC for a work meeting so Flo and I are doing girl stuff. I actually have sort of been leaning towards feeling bad about my body again (which is typical after baby and of girls nights) and I was leaning towards feeling very bad recently. 

I mean. I looked awesome pregnant. The best that I've ever looked ever in my life. My biggest body issue has always been my tummy and being pregnant totally erased that fear. My tummy was awesome. The few days after having Flo I was like 'yeah I got this - I feel great in my high waist undies! I could go to the beach!'

But I'm eating carbs again - because I want Flo to eat more and also I Just want carbs - and I had a baby four weeks ago. Even the doctor said that I can't exercise for at least 6 weeks... Not like I'm much of an exerciser or ever have been. I don't know I just feel that negative body voice trying to get my goat again. 
photo_(2).JPGThen I was thinking --- dios mio Taylor you just had a baby. You spent 8 months eating no carbs - you gained zero pounds being pregnant... You deserve a break. And Flo deserves a better role model. 

Today and tomorrow we are doing what we want. That includes eating quesadillas for breakfast - going for walks with cookies in our pockets and drinking coffee that tastes like cake (hi coffee bean!) watching crappy tv and cuddling.

This time is so. Special. We don't even have to abide by the rules of daytime or nighttime - nobody has to go to work in the morning so Flo and I are just going to hang. Eventually (soon - in the next few days) I'll have to find a nanny or a day care or something for her and it hurts my heart so badly. 

So what we learned from day one is that we love our bodies - 4 weeks ago they went through a huge change. One of us had a baby and the other started breathing air. We are both going to stop worrying so much (right Flo? No reason to cry!) because we want to remember this forever. 

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