Losing It.

I ate a bagel so fast this morning that by the time I remembered to take a picture of my delicious bagel, it was gone. So here's the coffee I'm drinking. Diet = no milk. Right before the holidays JCPE bought us an exercise bike, initially he wanted to get two and forgo the living room all together, but we compromised on one. It's AMAZING. At first I was having issues JUST being on the bike because I'm a legit crazy person and can't JUST ride a bike and watch tv. So JCPE bought a tray, that I'm pretty sure is for sick people. (Actually the amazon comments are amazing, one guy didn't like the design so he brought it to the local community college to get re-done and now it's fine... what? Weird).

So now I spend up to 2 hours every night riding the bike, watching TV AND on my laptop. My brain might explode and I dream about food every night... but so far I feel pretty awesome! There are parts of my waist that are brand new.

Location and attendee updates expected soon! Almost at the 3 month mark!
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