Las Vegas Wedding Pictures + a story for my 14 year old daughter

Hello! Here they are the pictures from our Vegas wedding reception:

woo hoo! They're great. We had a great time dancing all night, that conga was really early.

My friend Lia took the pictures after I asked on Facebook if anyone was around to take pictures at the wedding for not-that-expensive. She did a great job!

Quick fun story that I love. Lia is the wife of my friend Josh... who was the first boyfriend I ever had, ever. In high school, for about 7 days. I think maybe we held hands once. Josh broke up with me on my answering machine, I don't even think that he did it I think his friend did. It sucked, obviously. I was super sad. But, as it happens when you are 15 I got over it quickly and Josh and I became friends and then facebook friends and then he joined the Air Force and married Lia and they have three beautiful kids and Lia and I became facebook friends and ta da, Lia took my wedding pictures.

I love it.
What an awesome circle to be a part of!

I can't wait to tell my daughter (someday) when she's sad about a dude. Growing up is awesome, you get to get married to someone awesome and so does everyone else! Fun.

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